This is a Fun Town: Population Fun reminder that tonight is Videogum’s fourth anniversary celebration and you should come! Ladies get in free! (Fellas also get in free!) (NO SCRUBS.)

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  1. I can’t go, but can someone who IS going ask Gabe if he’s going to be in our video chat with Jodie Sweetin on Friday?

  2. I can’t make it, being in Minnesota and all, but you guys have fun.

  3. I can’t go, but it would be too weird having your mom at your work party anyway. I can’t wait to hear about it though! And I want lots of pictures!!!

  4. I have the most Videogum-related boner right now.

  5. Now they tell us no scrubs…good thing I left the tags on my Shia LeBouf for Banana Republic suit…

  6. so as a temporary new yorker, i can go to this now! but also the thought of going to a big party where i know no one in person is stirring some deep anxiety right now. who is going to be there? what witty topics should i brush up on before attending? etc etc etc.

  7. Awwwwwwww! Have a fun time, you guys!

  8. I can’t make it because I’ll be in Hollywood, California, where dreams go to become completely normal realities.

  9. Sup pogs, I’m going! Will be literally lurking around instead of just in the comments. Like this guy, I also have a surprise, except my surprise is that I’m a lady.

  10. I’m going to pretend that all of you are going to be celebrating my birthday at the same time.

  11. Please post lots of pictures tomorrow so I can cry about missing this party over my breakfast cereal. Or, as we say here in London, my breakfast lorry.

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