Powerful stuff. And a welcome reprieve from the hectic and overwhelming busyness of the modern world for all of us to just sit and think for a second about what it all MEANS. Watch it every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. Achieve peace. Thank you, Rinpoche Depp. (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. At 47 seconds in; those faces forever.

  2. She’s sooooooooo into it.

  3. Also there is a picture in an attic somewhere where Johnny Depp looks like this:

  4. But check out THIS guy though

  5. This is such a different side to Warden Gentles.

  6. Pirates of the Cari-Just Being.

  7. I for some reason felt the need to put headphones UP when I watched this. And kept fiddling with the volume wondering where the sound was.

    Not enough coffee? Not enough coffee.

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