• It’s official that the final season of Breaking Bad is going to be split into two eight-episode seasons, so we aren’t going to see the end of it until we’re all old and almost dead. Oh well. It’s just going to be hard to wait that long to find out whether or not I marry Jesse. -WarmingGlow
  • Kristen Wiig was a guest on Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s the Thing” podcast (how is that podcast going, by the way?) (I forgot about it until today when I saw Kristen Wiig was on it) (do you love it?) and she talked about eventually leaving SNL, and how she began doing comedy, and cetera. Here it is! -WNYC
  • The movie Neighborhood Watch is having a very hard time with advertising, in light of the Trayvon Martin case. But now that we all know it’s an alien movie, why don’t they just market it as a straight-up alien movie? Huh? Why not? -Mediaite
  • A website called Charity Bribes is trying to raise money that will be donated to a charity if Larry David agrees to start a Twitter. With that said, it’s very difficult to be annoyed by something that is trying to raise money for charity, but it’s not IMPOSSIBLE. -LATimes
  • Here is a supercut of a bunch of famous people making their film debuts. Look at that! All our old friends! -BlameItOn
  • Paul Feig is walking everyone through Freaks and Geeks at the AV Club. Maybe you are interested in that? You should look at it! -AVClub
  • Ahhh! Anne Hathaway cut all of her hair off for her role in Les Mis and she looks good! Not that I’m on Team Anne Hathaway but I do have eyes and she looks nice! Look at her! -BuzzFeed
  • The Dark Knight Rises got its rating and it is rated PG-13. Oohhh…! -FilmDrunk
  • James Cameron, underwater expert, made a video of exactly what happened when the Titanic sunk for a National Geographic special. Turns out it was pulled into the sea by tiny demons? Who knew! -TheDailyWhat
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  1. I like Kristen Wiig

  2. Fucking AMC. I knew it. It better be two half seasons split only by a few months like Walking Dead. I can’t watch 8 episodes then wait 10 months or 8 more. We all know it’s ONE season, AMC. Don’t you dare pretend otherwise with your bullshit scheduling practices. Who do you think you are, NBC?

  3. So, basically we’re never going to see the end of Breaking Bad? #2012neverforget

  4. i don’t get how the Breaking Bad thing is news…they pretty much made it clear that it was going to be 2 half seasons with a long break in the middle when it was news they were having trouble in the contract negotiations.

  5. Kelly, they can’t recut the trailer for Neighbor Watch because then the aliens would know we are onto them.

  6. Why aren’t they just promoting Neighborhood Watch as a Richard Ayoade film? That’s the reason I’m going to go see it.

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