Each contestant on ABC’s unwatchable inner-beauty contest show True Beauty got to bring one item with them to the True Beauty mansion or whatever. One guy brought a “murse,” and so he is your boyfriend:

The other guy is 100% right about the main thing wrong with the first guy’s murse. I’m sure he’s terrible in a million ways on the show, but for this one opinion, he is an honorary internet blogger today. Not that a “drawing bag” and a “hair stick for men” aren’t nearly equally stupid. If I were on that show, my item would be “a huge bottle of horse tranquilizers.” (Via The Soup.)

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  1. when i had hair and lived with neil in the 90s, we totally used that TIGI hair stick! hahahah

  2. mp  |   Posted on Feb 4th, 2009 +1

    guy one seems well equipped for kindergarten

  3. guy 1 seems well equipped for kindergarten art class

  4. Hey, can we talk about True Beauty for a second? My boyfriend forces me to watch a LOT of shows, that show included, and I got SO MAD after four episodes. It’s such a shitty unawatchable low rate show that I can’t even talk to anyone about this. But while no one was watching it, SOMETHING DESPICABLE HAPPENED.

    There was this contestant, CJ. He was black and used to be fat and just lost a bunch of weight and looked good, but they casted him poorly because he was basically a normal guy, where everyone else on the show was like weird shallow blonde archetypes. So you think he’d NATURALLY win right?

    In each episode they have all of these little hidden “good person” challenges (picking up litter, comforting a crying crew member, helping a PA open a door with coffee, etc) and CJ won EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. This means one of two things: CJ is a morally upstanding individual, or CJ is smart and he FIGURED OUT THE GAME and realized that the obvious set ups were obvious set ups.

    But because each episode picks the lowest 2 by SUBJECTIVE beauty, they can basically put whoever they want in the lower 2, so as soon as it became clear that he had figured it out (or had morals) he started getting chosen for the bottom 2 in every episode. Also, the bottom 2 have to go to the Hall of Beauty, and on their way there’s always a hidden moral challenge set up for them, supposedly how they fare in that moral challenge is what ACTUALLY picks who is eliminated.

    They finally got rid of him last episode, on the grounds that the photo they chose for him wasn’t “connecting” enough with his old lady model (even though we SAW a ton of photos at the old lady photo shoot where they were totally connecting). And the challenge was to see if he’d help a crying girl find his mom. They show the other guy comfort the girl, and then they show CJ walking PAST the girl, and the judges looking disgusted. Okay? They made that up. They edited it to make it look like he walked past and then cut in a shot of the judges being unhappy. When they eliminate him they’re like “Even though you helped the girl (flash back to him actually helping her) your photo still really sucks, so we’re getting rid of you… but that’s not all, we’re also secretly judging your personality!”

    Then they show a montage of CJ getting mad at the show for calling girls ugly, and getting angry at how rigged and superficial everything is. They’re claiming that his ugly personality was revealed through the fact that he was getting mad about how SUPERFICIAL the show’s premise was. The only ACTUAL bad thing he ever did, was during one of the games he lied to someone on the street to win the game. But, hello, the show is lying to people too!

    The show lied worse than CJ and was more superficial than CJ. What’s worse is that the judges remained on their moral high horse the entire time they fake-evicted him. Non-stupid shitty reality TV editors would’ve pulled a Joe Schmoe 2 and had some kind of contingency plan for a contestant ‘figuring it out’, but they just fakely got rid of him. And what’s worse is that the whole show was blatantly revealed to be even more shallow than the people it’s supposed to be exposing. Whatever. If anyone deserves to be sent to the Hall of Beauty it’s the PRODUCERS. FUCK YOU TRUE BEAUTY.

  5. Are we sure that guy isn’t a professional blogger in disguise?
    I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t feel as though I was watching a live action videogum post.

  6. The true fail isn’t actually bringing a “murse” (although, come on, FAIL) but calling it a “murse”. Also, being on that show is the truest FAIL of all.

  7. oops  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 0

    For some reason I read “murse” and thought male nurse. After thinking the guy brought a male nurse, a man purse doesn’t seem so strange.

  8. jbl  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2009 0

    This has to be the stupidest most insult to anyone’s intelliigence show since the history of television, but then when you see who the producers are, you have no choice but to roll your eyes and shake your head, and dam cheryl tigs or how ever you spell her name looks horrible she hasn’t aged well.

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