I’m not sure what we’re waiting for in holding off on changing the name of this blog to MileyCyrusand/orTheHungerGamesgum.com. I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of the current inaccuracy. In any case: Ladies and gentleman, I am so sorry about this news! Earlier in the week, an overwhelming percentage of you voted for Miley Cyrus in the Great All-Out War between Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence (the overwhelming percentage was 4%, which amounted to 34 of you, which was overwhelming because really? 34 of you?). But today it looks like your vote may have been cast on a woman who may be thinking of pulling out of the race for good. From Oh No They Didn’t:

The “Party in the U.S.A” star took it Twitter to let fans know she might be leaving Hollywood and heading back South.

“Highly considering moving back to Nashville. I can’t stand these D Bag paparazzi anymore. Couldn’t even take my dog on a walk today,” she tweeted on April 5.

In the midst of rumors swirling around that Miley might be cutting herself and photos being snapped of her after pilates everyday, I can understand why she’s contemplating such a serious move, but I’m not so sure leaving for good is the right answer.

Haha, oh noooooooo! YOU GUYS, DID YOU EVEN READ THAT TWEET? Why can’t I hear ALL of your “noooooo”s? First of all, I’ve never heard of an actress hinting about quitting over Twitter and then ever backing down, and second of all, no please Miley Cyrus! Don’t move back to Nashville! WE NEED YOU HERE! In Hollywood! Where we can see photos of you walking your dog! And where you can make movies that some of us may have watched on Netflix one afternoon because sometimes that’s just where life takes you! So, please, help us keep Miley Cyrus in Hollywood and send your well-wishes to keepmileywhereshebelongs,inhollywood@officialmileycyrus.pleasedontleave.gmal. It only takes one person to change the world! (Miley Cyrus!)

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  1. I don’t understand this story. Was her dog-walker DEAD or something?

  2. When asked why she wanted to leave Miley responded that it’s so hard with my girls all around me, It’s definitely not a Nashville party, cause all I see are stilettos, I guess I never got the memo

  3. And another thing! It is completely understandable that the paparazzi would follow her on this chore, because the universe would love to see video of Miley Cyrus (or anyone even mildly famous) picking up a lump of hot poo and carrying it home.

  4. If she leaves Hollywood, she’s just not being Miley.

  5. If I had photoshop handy I would take a picture of Amanda Bynes and put the words “Never Forget” over it.

    Also, I just found out when I googled Bynes to make sure that was her last name that she was arrested for drunk driving at some point in the past 24 hours.

  6. Hey guys, you ever wonder why you never see Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana in the same room? Weird.

  7. I guess that’s pretty cool. It’s pretty cool.

  8. I have doused myself in gasoline and I have a match. I know what I have to do if she comes back with a definitive ‘yes’.

  9. “Highly considering moving back to Nashville” means it was something she thought about while high on Salvia. When she sobers up, she won’t even remember that tweet, or whose dog she stole.

  10. This reminds me of when everyone was like “If Bush gets re-elected, I’m totally moving to Canada” in 2004. SPOILER ALERT: They moved to Williamsburg.

  11. 34 people voted for Miley Cyrus? I can’t even get 34 upvotes. i’ll be over here. then i’m packing up and going to Nashville.

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