Funny how last night’s episode of Community was about a war, when there’s a REAL war going on in the Community family RIGHT NOW! Who’s side are you on?! Jerk probably for sure, or definitely much bigger jerk? I, for one, am on the side of sitcom wars in general. (Dan Harmon has actually already apologized for this war, which is just like, you know, BOOOOO! FIGHT FOREVER!) Community‘s war episode from last night was a little tedious. I feel like you guys might be upset with me for saying that. (Just kidding, I feel like you guys are going to post GIFs from the episode at me for saying that.) I just scanned another recap of the episode and it said that it was the best episode in Community‘s history. R U SERIOUS, OTHER RECAP? While the Ken Burns theme was clever for a bit, the way that it took over the entire episode just felt like if you got invited to a friend’s theme party and the friend wouldn’t stop acting AS the theme for the entire night. Like, ugh, BE REAL WITH ME FOR A MINUTE. I didn’t hate the episode. I thought it brought everything that’s been going on this season — Chang’s army, Troy and Abed’s fight/friendship, John Goodman — together pretty neatly. The medium just felt tedious to me. Oh well. 30 Rock was good! Pretty standard, but also nothing to complain about. The writers are wacky. Tracy Jordan is wacky. Decoder rings. Garbage. Fetish websites. Not very memorable, but certainly enjoyable enough! The Office wasn’t new, and then I didn’t watch Up All Night! WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?!

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  1. Bring back Parks & Rec! Seriously, when does that come back?

  2. The x-ray looked a little weird during 30 Rock’s highly-original Tracy plot.

    • To be fair this was also the third documentary episode of Community I believe

      poet by choice, lesbian by birth

      • Agreed, but there’s a difference in going to the well too often in your own show (by the way 30 Rock is public enemy #1 in this respect too vis-a-vis last week’s show) But… Tracy/Homer has a Decoder Ring/Crayon stuck up his nose for years and when it removed he becomes a genius, but to be a better dad he has the decoder ring/crayon shoved back up his nose by incompetent Dr. Spaceman/Hibbert is a little too close.

    • i will never stop loving this show, no matter how awfull the episodes get.

    • Flowers for Algernon, though!

  3. Let us consider a person who, to this point, has never watched an episode of 30 Rock (wait! Come back!). This person hears many excellent things about it and chooses last night to be the night where they get down to actually watching an episode live. They would watch last night’s episode and be disgusted with all the people talking the show up, because it was trash. It was just really very bad, and unfunny, and actually disturbing in some places with its treatment of Jenna. That person would not be interested in further watching, I assure you, and would take some offence to the idea that there is nothing in it to complain about. Actually there is quite a lot in it to complain about! This is not America’s number 1 comedy, I am pretty sure of that! OH SO YOU STOPPED SHOWING PARKS & REC FOR THIS. Good work, whoever-made-that-decision.

    I think this rant has gone on long enough…

  4. Sometimes the clever/brilliant episodes (like this one) aren’t as funny (or maybe just joke-filled) but I still like them. #TeamCommunity

  5. I wish there were gifs with audio, because I want to hear Troy’s speech to blanketsburg when he says the microphone is broken over and over and over.

  6. I loved Annie’s Gatorade IVs.

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    • Fell asleep watching it. Will give it another try at lunch, but man, I am with you. This season as been terrible. Not everything has to be a deconstruction of something. Sometimes it can just be jokes.

  8. For a show as great and innovative as Community, I’m really surprised how poorly it does in the outdated ratings system. I hate to be one of those guys constantly yammering on about how it’s the best show people aren’t watching, but seriously, it’s amazing. I really hope for a last minute 4th season renewal, despite everything the show has going against it.

    • I’m inviting downvotes with this, but every time I try to watch it (and I do try), I get almost immediately turned off by what strikes me as a really smug tone. It seems incredibly self-aware and stilted. Do fans not get the same impression, or do they consider it a strength?

      To be fair, 30 Rock is also really meta or what have you, but I don’t get the same tone at all. Maybe it’s the actors? I really don’t know.

      • I think the smug undertone is rapidly becoming this show’s jam. Largely because of Jeff. They’ve gone to the “He really cares about these people and has learned his lesson!” well a lot. Only to have him fall back down that same well the next week where he professes to NOT care about them at the start of the episode, then realizes he does again and gives an ironically moving speech with a lot of eye rolling, like “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” It’s really becoming tiresome. At this point, you kind of just have to go with it. He’s got this group of friends and they’re weird and that’s it. Dealt with. Moving on.

        I’m more interested in the other relationships, especially the weird Troy/Abed/Annie dynamic when they moved in together. This season has had some really strong episodes, but it’s also been really uneven. I blame NBC. They keep yanking it around and it’s probably tough to write well when you don’t know if you’ll be back and can’t get a sense of what the network is going to do with you.

        As for this week’s episode, well, it was a note-perfect parody of Ken Burns. I’ll give it that. But I kind of wanted it to be more than that. It was too much of the parody and not enough of the regular show. They committed too well. Does that make sense? Like, when they’ve done this well before, making the action movie/western paint ball epics and the documentary, they haven’t taken me out of the world of the show as much.

        Modern Warfare, Fistful of Paintballs and Documentary Filmmaking: Redux were PERFECT. This one fell a little flat.

        However, I LOVED the email that Abed wrote about Troy (and his reactions to it) and the text that Troy sent Abed in return. And their pathetic pillow fight at the end was great. I wish that stuff had been the focus instead of it turning out to be yet another opportunity for Jeff to realize that, deep down, he’s still a dick, but he’s a dick who sometimes cares about his friends.

        30 Rock made me cringe. That’s two weeks in a row where I’ve felt almost offended at how bad it was.

        • I’m going to go back and watch those three eps you said are perfect to see if my mind can change a little. Although I never have a bad time watching 30 Rock, I have to admit that a Dr. Spacemen appearance that doesn’t make me laugh out loud is pretty damning in itself.

        • wow. TL:DR.

          I guess I should’ve just posted a gif of Troy crying.

          • I did like Dr. Spaceman! He was the saving grace. Also, Dotcom. Why does everyone hate Dotcom?!

            I also think part of Community’s problem is Chang. They don’t know what to do with him now that he’s not a teacher. I think that was a mistake, firing him from a position of authority. Now it feels like he’s shoe-horned in there. Though I did like his kids and their necklaces of mattress tags.

        • I just don’t understand what people don’t like about Community. You can’t fault it for taking risk when other network shows mostly play it safe. Who says it needs to be like a regular show? You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. It is at it’s best at it’s most innovative and weird.

        • The thing is:

          They saw what 30 Rock did opposite Big Bang Theory.
          They saw what Community did when Big Bang Theory didn’t have new episodes a few weeks.
          They know what the ratings are for all their other shows.

          Either accept that the 8PM slot is going to get lower ratings, or move Community to a different timeslot. Hell, it may be better to keep it in the 8PM slot and just ignore the ratings. Anything you put in that slot is going to do poorly, so might as well keep around a critical darling and one that, probably, does well on Hulu and DVD and similar alternative outlets.

  9. English Memorial, I hardly knew ye.

  10. Awake got awesome again. I thought the last couple of episodes sort of troughed, but the fucking penguin got me!

  11. I had such a goofy grin on my face throughout all of Community

  12. I liked the documentatry style of Community, but I was a little upset at 30 Rock for copying the Simpsons’ I’m-a-new-person-after-the-”doctor”-dislodged-that-object-in-my-brain-since-childhood plot. I miss Parks and Recreation more than I thought, as the NBC lineup went down the crapper in their absence. Also, I’m apathetic about repeats of The Office, as the show hasn’t been doing so well lately. I’ve been watching that show mostly because I’m 51% optimistic, 12% part masochist, and 5% border collie.

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