All the Jews do this for sure without exception. Yup! FACT. To celebrate Passover. The Passover Dance!

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  1. How did these people ever take over the entertainment industry?

  2. If The Cure released that song in 1989 I would have listened to it until my ears fell off probably. Pretty sweet jam.

  3. So THIS is what Jodie Sweetin is doing tonight that was just soooo important that she delayed our video chat?!

  4. Ha ha. Those silly juice. Heading out to apply blood over my door to save my babies. Ttyl.

  5. GUYS, SOMETHING REALLY COOL HAPPENS AT THE TWO MINUTE MA- oh wait, still dancing. Never mind.

  6. If dance is the universal language, I think what they’re trying to say with this dance is “Oi, gevalt!”

  7. This isn’t so much about Judaism as it’s about white people not knowing how to dance.

  8. All the girls in this video look like the spinning hippie chicks from my high school. You know, the ones from lunch outdoors.

  9. Is this a clip from that Bullying documentary?

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