Great news, guys, you can all take off early today! Go home and kiss your wife. The Internet’s closed for the rest of the afternoon because there’s nothing left to even do. (Via @twittels.)

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  1. Practices U Gentrify Like Inbreeding Fucks Everyone

    • (PUG LIFE is a play on Tupac’s THUG LIFE (The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody), except as a commentary on the Pug breed’s health problems and the dangers of pedigree dog breeding in general.)

  2. Since the internet is closed, I made this for everyone to look at until Monday.

  3. I saw this on tumblr 5 minutes ago and have already reblogged it, posted it on facebook, twitter and made it my gchat status. I am seconds from skywriting it from a plane.


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