Just when you think that he has finished been hading money, he hads some more!

It’s really hard to finish a game of pool with this guy! “Come on, Brian, we are trying to play pool!”

I know you’re not going to believe this, but the YouTube comments on this video are incredibly racist! Weird. According to the monster squad over there, he made this money from raping white women and is also on welfare. Perfect. Obama 2012. What happened to all the intelligent, thoughtful people who usually comment on YouTube? There was probably a gay retard video that demanded their commenting attention. Racism will always be placed on the YouTube backburner when things that are gay and retarded need to be called so.

That being said, lovinmydobies‘s comment: “Have you been had an english class?” made me LOL. It’s true! He is very hard to understand and that is not a standard verb conjugation! Although, that’s part of the point, isn’t it? To wit:

“Correct” English usage is, as a practical matter, a function of whom you’re talking to and how you want that person to respond — not just to your utterance but also to you. In other words, a large part of the agenda of any communication is rhetorical and depends on what some rhet-scholars call “Audience” or “Discourse Community.” And the United States obviously has a huge number of such Discourse Communities, many of them regional and/or cultural dialects of English: Black English, Latino English, Rural Southern, Urban Southern, Standard Upper-Midwest, Maine Yankee, East-Texas Bayou, Boston BlueCollar, on and on. Everybody knows this. What not everyone knows — especially not certain Prescriptivists — is that many of these non-SWE dialects have their own highly developed and internally consistent grammars, and that some of these dialects’ usage norms actually make more linguistic/aesthetic sense than do their Standard counterparts (see INTERPOLATION). Plus, of course, there are innumerable sub- and subsubdialects based on all sorts of things that have nothing to do with locale or ethnicity — Medical-School English, Peorians-Who-Follow-Pro-Wrestling-Closely English, Twelve-Year-Old-Males-Whose-Worldview-Is-Deeply-Informed-By-South-Park English — and that are nearly incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t inside their very tight and specific Discourse Community (which of course is part of their function).
Tense Present: Democracy, English, and the Wars over Usage,” Wallace, Harper’s, Apr. 2001

Just saiding.

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  1. The stages of watching Been Had Money: 1) What’s he saying? I don’t get it. 2) Oh God, i think he’s special ed(internal shame) 3) Why, with the money? What are you doing? 4) JU Records? Really?

  2. Sooo… I bet it was awkward when they cut filming and he had to pick all that money up.

  3. sammy  |   Posted on Feb 4th, 2009 +1

    “and that’s all my money!”

  4. He been had a nice house, too. I think this is a clip from MTV’s new show “Walletz.” A step up from last week’s episode, when T.I. gave a tour of his prison wallet (shudder).

  5. Yeah, Foster Wallace wrote a nice little essay involving Standard White/Black English. It’s in Consider the Lobster, if you’re looking to been hading it. Sometimes I think people really think guys like Brian Been Had have no idea how they’re talking and are completely incapable of speaking differently, which of course isn’t true. Brian can talk that way carpeting his house in slippery bills all he wants. As long as he’s not writing a term paper like that, we cool.

    Oh, and I found the DFW piece online. UNIVERSE!!!

  6. what show does he been had on the tv?

  7. I didn’t have any trouble understand?

  8. Is he really not familiar with the cameraman?
    Or does calling your buddy “Cameraman” make it seem like you been had so much money that you have some random guy filming you 24/7 in case you freak out and start dropping all you paper?

  9. It’s “to wit.” You Jews are always sticking H’s where they don’t belong.

  10. This is really heartbreaking… The poor man can’t even afford a shirt.

  11. linguisticsnerdgum.com.

  12. AmericanStandard  |   Posted on Feb 4th, 2009 0

    I don’t get how he can have so much money and not pass middle school English.

  13. been had delicious eclipse whitening gum as well. is there money in raping white women, I had no idea.

  14. …now imagine he’s been had white.

  15. I think this gentleman could have some variety of autistic spectrum disorder (I would never presume to diagnose him, as that would be hypocritical given some of my previous comments).

    Also, assuming that his mantra was composed in the context of a grammatically consistent dialect, I am curious as to how that particular construction evolved in his Discourse Community.

  16. The comments here are classic. I too would like to know how someone with such a low level of education gets all that money.

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