Wait, what are the Peabody Awards again? I thought I knew what they were, but now I am starting to think I have no idea what they are. Like, yesterday morning, when I woke up, if you had asked me “what are the Peabody Awards,” which admittedly is a weird question to ask someone when they first wake up, but you and me are like that: #NOFILTER. We just tell it like it is. You got a question? Ask your question! You only live once, weirdos. But, so, if you had asked me, I would have said “it’s some kind of prestigious, like, news award or something, and I think Bill O’Reilly lied about having one.” But then I read yesterday afternoon that Game of Thrones and Portlandia won Peabodys? And I just got a press release that Jeopardy! won one?

“Jeopardy!,” America’s #1 quiz show, was honored with a Peabody Award, one of the most selective and prestigious awards in the industry. This marks “Jeopardy!’s” first win for this honor. The awards panel credited “Jeopardy!” for its role in “encouraging, celebrating and rewarding knowledge.”

Haha, sure, no, yeah, totally. Jeopardy! is just a celebration of knowledge and not even remotely a thing that people watch in their underwear while they’re waiting for Real TV to come on. (No offense, divorcees!) I’m razzin’ on Jeopardy!, but seriously, what are the Peabodys? Are they just the Emmys but for good shows? Alt. Universe Emmy Awards 4 The Sopranos or something? What are they? Give one to Delocated, that show’s great. Peabodys!

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  1. They award excellence in the study of time travel, child rearing and talking dogs.

  2. Well, according to Wikipedia, “The award is determined by one criterion—”Excellence”.” So basically it’s an award invented by 80s metal-heads?

  3. Dora the Explorer has one. Take that Bill O’Reilly.

  4. I’m glad the title of this post is in the form of a question.

  5. I had thought they were about art excellence in art in tackling issues of the day or issues of the human condition. So, when The Colbert Report wins one for their Super PAC coverage, I understand. When Parks and Rec wins one, I assume it’s about their gentle satire of the political campaign process, so I still think I have a handle on it. But then Game of Thrones wins one for being about dragons and I’m pretty confused. I decided to look up more winners of the past and yeah, Gabe’s close with this reverse Emmys idea. It is pretty much seems like whatever someone on the Peabody committee is recording on their DVR. Lost has one, Scrubs has one?!, Walking with Dinosaurs, Blackpool (the BBC mini series) – it’s a weird list. Peabodies: definitely not what I thought.

  6. I don’t care what they are as long as they keep giving awards to things I like! (See last year: Justified & Sherlock)

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