The distractions could cause accidents, several council members warned. And the city could be held liable for such accidents, council member Dan Pearl suggested. Martinelli responded that in his five years of skipping, he has never caused an accident.”

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  1. just another example of the government regulations overstepping their bounds and getting in the way of a job creator. more importantly they have killed fun.

  2. Wow, according to that article The Skipper actually discovered skipping when he made “[A] new practical discovery in human locomotion.” Where’s his Peabody Awardr?

  3. “We have enough traffic problems without somebody bouncing around in the streets.” -Oh, I don’t know, maybe the BEST QUOTE EVER

  4. Of course, one effect of skipping on the individual is a failure to perceive negative events in the immediate surroundings, so Martinelli is heavily biased here. He might have caused innumerable accidents while obliviously skipping right through them.

  5. As a Rhode Islander, I’m really disappointed in my state for not having a statue of this incredible man. I think it might be time for a kick-starter.

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