One has only to decide how to waste the time one is given. (Via IHeartChaos.)

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  1. I would have run him over.

  2. heee….smoked some….GRAAASSS!

  3. LOTR: The Two Hours Traffic Jam

  4. Gandalf to other cars: “You shall not pass.”


  5. Tony Alva in a pool giving him the correct response:

  6. One does not simply ollie into the parking lot of the Mordor 7-11.

  7. Looks like the cars could use the Horn of Gondor right about now, huh? Guys?

  8. Before that long board came along, that guy never had any adventures or did anything unexpected.

  9. “me wants it, me needs it. my Priussssss”

  10. Gabe, I think you misspelled the tag “Greatest thing I have ever seen”

  11. Gandalf the Shaun White

  12. Also, all of the cars are played by Andy Serkis.

  13. Gandalf the Floral Print.

  14. Showing a line of import cars along with stock sound effects of 70′s era US sedans just ruins the believability…

  15. Highly disappointed there were no other posts tagged Dumbest Thing I Ever Seen

  16. So passes Dennis, son of Ethan.

  17. Fro-don’t you know better Mr. Wizard?? Board Safe. Be Safe. Fo-Sho! (BSBSFS)

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