Another great idea for a very real article, Stephen Glass.

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  1. This is redundant.

  2. Haha, my favorite part is how this is so important that it took the place of a PICTURE OF THE PRESIDENT.

    “Get off my blog.”
    -Air Force Gosling

  3. I’m sorry, what was this about? I got lost in his eyes.

  4. Clever idea for a trap, Dismynightmare, but genetic cleansing is not the answer.

  5. Nice try, buddy!

  6. I bet Christina Hendricks’ character in Drive didn’t like him very much!!!! Ugh. I’m so tired, you guys.

  7. Does it count if I dislike how much I can’t stop liking him? No? Good, cause I’m just lying to myself.

  8. where did it go? where. did. it. go??????

  9. Yes I dislike Ryan Reynolds

  10. She’s also trying to find a Jersey Shore virgin.

  11. I like him but didn’t like Drive. Does that count?

  12. Once Jon Hamm reads how much I dislike Ryan Gosling, he’ll surely be mine.

  13. This is going to be the shortest article ever.

  14. At least this person wasn’t crowdsourcing their research on Twitter. No, just the niche group of Craiglist readers that go through boards looking to talk to some hack about Gosling. Ugh.

  15. this is for Death + Taxes Magazine, which is a great site. Just saying.

  16. 35 y.o female and actively dislikes. He just seems like a hipster douche and I can’t separate that image from his films.

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