In an interview with The Wrap, Louis C.K. explains his reasoning behind dropping out of the Radio & TV Correspondents’ dinner and, surprise, it’s a very reasonable explanation!

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  1. Wait. How did I not know Louis CK directed Pootie Tang? Should I watch it? It did not look like my kind of thing, but maybe it is my kind of thing!

    • It’s cappatown on the runny kine. Translation: It’s a puce of shit but it’s Louie’s piece of shit so see it.

    • Massive meddling by Paramount fucked up Pootie Tang. Louie talks about it in this interview:

      LCK: There’s parts of the movie I really do like. I hate the way the movie ended up, but the best thing that can happen to a director is to go through the worst possible version first — losing the thing, being humiliated, having it come out to terrible reviews.

      SR: Roger Ebert said it should never have been released.

      LCK: He said it’s not a movie — it’s like somebody took pieces of a movie and put it together. That’s exactly what they did. I sat there going, Oh, my God, this is the most trumpeted my name’s ever been. This is how I’m getting known, how I’m being introduced. And I’ll never make a movie again. And I haven’t.

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