Ladies, I’m so sorry. Your masterpiece! It’s ruined! From ContactMusic:

The director unveiled a 3D version of his multi-Oscar winning classic last month (Mar12) and he resisted the temptation to use its reworking as an excuse to cut scenes he’s no longer happy with. But there was one shot Cameron felt obliged to alter, because a top stargazer informed him the astral pattern onscreen was incorrect for the night the liner sank in 1912. The scene involves Kate Winslet’s character, Rose DeWitt Bukater, drifting on a piece of wood and gazing at the night sky as the disaster unfolds.

Cameron tells British magazine Culture, “Oh, there is one shot that I fixed. It’s because Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is one of the U.S.’ leading astronomers, sent me quite a snarky email saying that, at that time of year, in that position in the Atlantic in 1912, when Rose is lying on the piece of driftwood and staring up at the stars, that is not the star field she would have seen, and with my reputation as a perfectionist, I should have known that and I should have put the right star field in. So I said, ‘All right, you son of a b**ch, send me the right stars for the exact time, 4.20am on April 15, 1912, and I’ll put it in the movie.’ So that’s the one shot that has been changed.”

Sure, the star field is technically more accurate, but it’s not the star field we all FELL IN LOVE WITH. I’m not even sure if my heart WILL go on at this point. HOW COULD IT? “Oh, nice star field, James Cameron, I guess I’ll just go KILL MYSELF.” Once again, the charming and incredibly brilliant Neil DeGrasse Tyson RUINS EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE.

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  1. Let’s play a game. How many years do you estimate it would take you to earn the amount of money it cost to fix the star field in that scene?

  2. Billy Zane is another star that doesn’t exist, James. CGI Franco in there.

  3. Fortunately, everything else was kept the same, including my total lack of desire to see this movie.

  4. Does anyone else think it was super sexist of Gabe to say “Ladies, I’m so sorry. Your masterpiece!” Men like romance too! You’ve been watching too much Mad Men.

  5. I’m sensing a theme today! Let’s start a pool: Choose the time of day that Gabe will post about these guys:

    I can’t take the suspense!

  6. I wish Tyson had written Cameron a snarky email about Avatar instead. Choose your battles, you know?

  7. suppose Mike Myers dressed as the Love Guru asked him to fix it so Jack lives in the end? would he have changed that part?

    you can’t please everyone. so don’t even try.

  8. Good to know he’s committed to keeping his stars 4:20 friendly.

  9. I’m so glad they fixed the only historical inconsistency in this movie.

  10. Does this mean we still have time to ensure the rightful heir to Downton Abbey stays the hell off that boat?

  11. Ugh, misleading photo. I was hoping this would be a confirmation that Kate Winslet’s boobs would be enhanced for 3D and shoot out lazerz.

  12. Hold up, did he seriously call Neil deGrasse Tyson a son of a b**ch?


  14. I remember when I saw Titanic in theaters; I went on February 14 with a girl(what!?) because I forgot it was Valentine’s day. By the end of the movie she was crying and i was laughing and then the old lady went “Aop!” and I laughed harder and i’m pretty sure every person in the theater hated me. HAHA! WHAT A STUPID NOISE! OLD LADY YOU ARE A NUT! HAHA!

    I did end up going to see it again with my sister and her friend…but by that time it had been in theaters for like four months and i sat towards the back and just chuckled the whole time. “I’ll never let you go Jack even though i’m litralee letting you go” *crunch noise frozen hands make*

    Long story long, I would totally see this movie again because i have forgotten that it lasts 4 hours and is mostly stupid.

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