NSFW lyrics, you maggots, so headphones UP:

This kid is so hard. Do not even front. Real hip hop. Bang your head. (Via FilmDrunk.)

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  1. I literally made a little “surprised noise” when he started speaking and it turns out he is eight. That makeup can be very convincing.

  2. Whoa. Not expecting the voice of Jan Brady.

  3. It’s too bad his smoke detector is broken, because he was on fire!

  4. Such a bummer.

  5. I’m not surprised by this video. Historically, panda-human hybrids have had notoriously bad senses of rhythm.

  6. We Monsters > Us Juggalos

  7. It only took 28 tries to perfect this masterpiece?

  8. i am intensely jealous of his complete lack of self-awareness. i guess make up gives you courage? ladies?

  9. Still… better pacing than the Mad Men season opener, right Gabe?

  10. Kind of weird to see a video like this without the caption saying “Thanks for the Tip, Werttrew.”

  11. yo, the kid went INNNNNNNN yo!

  12. LOL! yooooo!! niggazz is wyld’n B!

  13. Ha, it’s like if Bane was in Tiny Toons.

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