• Because we all couldn’t get enough of what kind of dogs the characters from Downton Abbey would be if they were dogs, here’s a collection of Mad Men characters as dogs. Oh! What would you be as a dog? I would be any dog that would not stop crying and had a lot of medical problems RIGHT away. -WarmingGlow
  • Speaking of things as other things, here are a bunch of Hitchcock movies with NES-style cover art! Heyyy! -Neatorama
  • Get this: Last night I had a dream that I was going to a movie theater to see Dumb and Dumber 2, and today it was announced that they ARE MAKING a Dumb and Dumber 2. Isn’t that the craziest and most impressive thing you’ve ever heard in your life? I also had a dream that all my friends worked at a restaurant and they almost all got murdered, no joke, it was terrifying, sooooo. -NME
  • Apparently Tom Cruise is going to be playing an aged Kurt Cobain-style character in a remake of A Star Is Born? All of that sounds pretty bad! RIP! -AVClub
  • Oh, but here’s something that sounds good: Carrie Brownstein is writing a memoir! And she’s on the latest episode of the WTF podcast! How about those things! -Stereogum
  • Oh jeeze, have you guys read about this Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon feud? You should read about it. It’s always very interesting when you are so much on NOBODY’S side of an argument. -NYDaily
  • Three little kids made a “Bourne Identity-inspired” movie called The Chase and definitely their brother who was on spring break from his first year at film school helped them? In any case, GOOD JOB, KIDS! -TheDailyWhat
  • Ted Nugent is a big Katniss Everdeen fan. NERDS! -FilmDrunk
  • And, finally, Sarah Palin is going to co-host Today tomorrow. Do you have your DVRs set? Not that I’m implying you aren’t going to watch it live, but don’t you want to save it forever, too? You’re welcome. -Dlisted
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  1. Sincere question: Is the Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon Community feud “real” or is it a April Fool’s joke? I swear I hate April 1. I don’t believe anything!!!!

  2. Chevy Chase has managed to piss off everyone else he’s worked with, so why not Dan Harmon?

  3. Shouldn’t dumb and dumber 2 be called dumber and dumberer?

  4. Dan Harmon grew up in Milwaukee. Even if he is a fat (he’s not fat) alcoholic (no idea), it’s just part of his culture — seriously, people from Milwaukee drink A LOT. It is a very unhealthy culture!


  5. All of those dogs that aren’t wearing glasses are Mad Dogs 20/20.


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