From what I know of Two and a Half Men, which is admittedly very little, because obviously, it is not a show that features very many fully-formed female characters with personalities or obvious brains or lines. Generally the women on that show are just sparkly bodies on the arms of Charlie Sheen or whoever, yes? So it’s surprising that Two and a Half Men co-creator Lee Aronsohn has such a reasonable and respectful and not incredibly, EMBARRASSINGLY misogynistic attitude towards the new crop of female sitcom creators and writers and stars JUST KIDDING! LOL. April Fools’d. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, after explaining that he doesn’t want to end Two and a Half Men because the crew needs the work, which is like, yes, right, I’m sure that’s why YOU don’t want to end Two and a Half Men, because you’re thinking of all the money the crew still needs to make, he goes on to explain another reason why he doesn’t want the show to end. The reason is women, DOY! From The Hollywood Reporter:

Besides, the male sitcom writer isn’t a fan of the current crop of female-centered comedies like Whitney and Two Broke Girls.

“Enough ladies. I get it. You have periods,” Aronsohn commented.

He applauded women like Whitney Cummings, Chelsea Handler and Tina Fey securing a voice to discuss formerly taboo subjects on TV.

“But we’re approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation,” he added.

STOP FOCUSING THE PLOTS OF ALL OF YOUR TV SHOWS ON PERIODS, TINA FEY, ET AL! It’s like you can’t search for something as harmless as “period; menstruation; TV” without finding, like, ALL sorts of results. My god. “Enough ladies.” Please, for the love of God, for once in their entire lives will women step aside in the entertainment industry and let the men take over, and for that matter, WHEN WILL WHITE PEOPLE OF ANY GENDER EVER GET A FAIR SHAKE IN THIS BIZ? Though I do have to say that I am happy to hear that he applauded these women before telling them that their time (half a season, in most cases?) was up. Very nice of him. He seems very reasonable and like he’s just speaking truth to Big Woman, so it also makes sense that he acted contrite about the unfair portrayal of women on his own TV show LOL JUST KIDDING AGAIN YOU ARE VERY EASY TO FOOL!

The current female TV boom contrasts with Two and a Half Men mostly portraying women as bimbos, something Aronsohn isn’t about to apologize for.

“Screw it… We’re centering the show on two very damaged men. What makes men damaged? Sorry, it’s women. I never got my heart broken by a man,” Aronsohn earlier told the Toronto conference during a keynote address.

Honestly, one of the most upsetting things is that if a woman were to say that she wanted to make a comedy about women because she’s heard enough jokes about boners SHE WOULD BE CLOSER TO CORRECT THAN THIS JERK! But anyway, so, women are portrayed as bimbos on Two and a Half Men because you’ve never gotten your heart broken by a man, Lee Aronsohn? Right. “Screw it.” They’re all stupid bimbos because NONE of them wanted to go to dinner with you or even if they did they REFUSED to give you a cocaine blow job in the back of your car, probably because they were on their periods, which THEY ALWAYS SEEM TO BE! Cancel the five TV shows we’ve allowed them to have! We’re drowning in labias over here! Oh, but wait. Later he clarified?

Later, he clarified by insisting he was hardly one to take the moral high ground. ”We do far too many fart jokes on Two and a Half Men. I’m the last person to judge,” he conceded.


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  1. Two And A Half Menstrual Cycles #femalesitcoms

  2. In defense of my boyfriend there’s other female characters in that show besides the bimbos. There’s the neglectful mother with contempt to her children, the hateful ex-wife whose only pleasure in life comes from torturing her ex-husband, the bitter maid who is bitter because she’s not as attractive as the bimbos. All fully developed three dimenis[gunshot]

  3. I have gotten my heart broken by a man. I have also gotten my period more than a few times. And I have yet to finish my TV pilot about periods and shoe shopping…


    • Broken Hearts, Periods, and Shoppin’ — I hereby greenlight it. If it gets canceled, we’ll just go in the opposite direction with this other project I think has great promise, My Boner Is the Universe.

      • “My Boner Is The Universe” is great, but that title needs work. How about, “The Big Bang Theory?” Wait…

      • Alternative title: Broken Hearts, Heavy Flow, Can’t Lose!

        “Brought to you by the producers of Nicolas Sparks’ Lifetime Original miniseries A Text She Would Soon Regret comes the story of three women brought together in crisis, bound together by sisterhood and stuck together in a DSW bathroom. Starring Meredith Baxter Birney, Jenny Garth and Jackee.”

        • I could pitch and green light Lifetime Originals all day!!!

        • Whoa, I’m not sure I understand this. Is every episode set entirely in a DSW bathroom? Is that something that will appeal to lady viewers? Let me put the green light on hold until I can talk to my real estate acquisitions lawyer; he’s been married for three years to one woman and they have a daughter, so he’ll have a pretty good handle on the situation.

          • It’s like this… the main set will be a DSW bathroom. It’ll be modern and clean — DSW is on board and we can tie in some real promotions to the plot lines SYNERGY!!! and in return we’re getting a $5M on the side. We’ll film it in our office and just put up a DSW image and pocket the rest of the cash.

            Don’t fuck up this deal, hotspur. I have three new cars I just leased and a a brick of cocaine waiting for me at the Studio City lot.

          • Also we’ll get #DSW to start as a Twittering trend before the commercial breaks and give every woman who checks into the show on GetGlue 10% off (not including promotions or sales or online purchases). They have to wait 6 weeks for the stickers to show up in the mail and use the physical stickers to get the discount. DSW predicts 3-4 actual viewers will use this, but they will gain $8M in viral advertising. GetGlue is willing to add in $600K to the pot, but I’m having my guy nudge it up to $950K if we give them a link on the spot.

            The projections are crystal. If we don’t move ahead on this soon and start with the monitization and word-of-mouth, USA and BlueFly are going to snatch it up.

            We will worry about the plot settings after we race around in my new cars and try the coke. Christ. It’s like you just got off the bus from Kansas.

          • [hotspur smiles with unnerving steadiness. He buzzes his assistant, says to get badidea anything she wants; Pellegrino maybe? hotspur watches as badidea sips the yard of bourbon she ultimately is brought. This goes on for 80 seconds but he is so coked up it feels like the entire year 2005 has passed a second time. Finally he intensifies his stare -- then smacks his desk.] “You’ve got balls, badideajeans! And balls is what we need in the lady sitcom world! Come gimme a hug, cuz we’ve got a deal!” [he throws open the office door and yells at his assistant.] “Reservations for twenty at Picca, Dorothy! This lady here has balls that are gonna buy me a twelfth vacation home and we’re going to celebrate!” [with his arm somewhat overwhelmingly around badidea, hotspur steers her around the office, telling everyone to congratulate her. He is all smiles but in the middle of the joy he leans close and mutters something no one else can hear.] “First of all, you bring GetGlue (whatever that is) up to 950 or the 350 comes out of your end. Second of all, and remember this: USA is where you’ll go when we’re done with you and no one else wants you. Okay? Now never say that name again.”

          • The only way that could be better is if the action notes were written in Courier and sent to me unsolicited.

            Oh, for the record, I am no longer allowed to accept unsolicited scenes… at least according to my manager, business manager, agent, lawyer and life coach. We don’t want another scene like the one at CAA in the midst of the writer’s strike… amiright? Ugh.

  4. Two and a Half Misogynists

  5. It’s a shame he feels that way, because the phrase “labia saturation” certainly could be worked into a medium-good period joke.

  6. Also, “labia saturation” sounds like gyno talk to me. #suspicious

  7. You, if you cared: Hey Messica, what joke have you been making about this guy on the internet all day?
    Me: This guys haircut, amirite? I see the root of your heartbreak problem there! (Recycled from my tumblr.)

  8. “Enough Aronsohn. I get it. You’re half a man,” Annoyingmouse commented.

  9. I was actually going to make a reasoned response with links and arguments and everything, but why go to the trouble? He’s not going to read this, and anyone who shares his opinion who DOES read this will likely not be swayed. So instead, I shall just fart in your general direction.

    Also this would be way more cutting if it was coming from a creator of a good sitcom.

  10. Peak Vagina is my favorite 1980′s R-rated ski-themed comedy.

  11. “Sorry, it’s women. I never got my heart broken by a man” – sounds like somebody is afraid to try a bit of Hamm.

    Also, please leave my city.

  12. So weird that a guy like this would have ever gotten dumped by a girl.

  13. “All I can say is, if I had been in the writer’s room when those vagina jokes on 2 Broke Girls went down, things would have ended differently.” – Lee Aronsohn

  14. “Don’t even get me started on all these period dramas!” — Lee Aronsohn, understanding perfectly.

  15. Big Woman sounds like a great

  16. I’m a man, and if it would help, I’d be happy to break, if not Mr. Aronsohn’s heart, then really any other part of his body.

  17. Between breastfeeding and periods, it’s like Our Bodies, Ourselves tribute day here at Videogum!

  18. If I may be allowed to go off on a tangent here. One of the most frustrating things about this is that people who defend cocksores like this assume that anyone who criticzes them is trying to take away their free speech. It’s like they think that only entitled white men have first amendment rights and fuck anyone else.

  19. My art has been commended as being strongly vaginal which bothers some men. The word itself makes some men uncomfortable. Vagina.

  20. i’d like to break his heart with a sledgehammer. but i’m biased; i honestly have a painting of vagina dentata hanging in my living room.

  21. Actually I’ve seen that show and I would have figured its creator would be way MORE awful than is evidenced here.

  22. I would love to hear Fey rip this guy a new one. Bring it, Tina!

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