So, the second season of The Killing aired on AMC last night with a special two-hour episode and you could open up your window anywhere in America and hear the screams of joy and excitement, I’m sure. How excited was everyone? The most excited they’ve ever been in their entire lives? Obviously, this was a tricky season premiere because most people were less than PUMPED about the season one finale in which we continued to not know who killed Rosie Larsen, and all of the double-reverse-switcheroos we’d been dealing with all season were triple-reversed on themselves and any trust anyone watching might have had in any of the characters was swept away and we were, 100 gray, rain-soaked hours into things, back at square one. Neat! But, so, I tried to watch last night’s episode and boy oh boy is this show EXHAUSTING. Like, at one point last night, this title card came up on the screen and said “Day Fourteen” and I almost laughed out loud. I didn’t laugh out loud because I was too busy barfing silently, but seriously? DAY FOURTEEN? Some of us have lives to live. It’s been an entire year and now we are reminded that it’s only been two weeks, and also I’m not sure who on Earth could possibly give a BIG OLD F about Rosie Larsen at this point. YO, TRAYVON MARTIN WAS SHOT FOR HAVING SKITTLES. Rosie seems to have been into some deep shit, and I’m not saying that makes it her fault but I am saying that I’m so bored by this endless show. Uh oh, the one cop doesn’t trust the other cop anymore even though she used to not trust him but then she trusted him again but now she doesn’t trust him! (And why does the cop she doesn’t trust still say things like “You know you’re my BFF!” The writers have had an entire year to study how ADULT HUMAN BEINGS IN AMERICA SPEAK TO ONE ANOTHER.) And now there’s a whole new potential conspiracy cop/criminal we’re supposed to worry about who is at home all night Photoshopping black and white dot matrix traffic cameras? Enough. Take your poor, neglected son and go to San Diego and get married, or whatever the hell you were even supposed to but never able to do. Or don’t! Stay in Seattle and try to solve the big case! But do it on your own time. I’m out of here. I’m literally too old for this shit. But maybe that’s just me. Was anyone excited for The Killing? Anyone in the whole world?

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  1. I thought Aziz was pretty funny on it. And the 8-bit credit sequence was cute.

  2. I’m pretty sure The Killing was not on last night. Maybe you dreamed it?

  3. I watched for the first hour, then switched to GoT while I DVR’d this and then came back for the last hour. (Great story, very interesting, just what everyone was wondering.) I guess I just don’t really understand why they needed 2 hours for this? Also, where the hell is Ensign Ro? And, if Linden could follow up on/solve/rule out the whole candidate dude as the killer-storyline in literally less than 24 hours, then why did she need an entire season to NOT do that? I don’t know. I guess I’ll keep watching it? But only because it’s easy to watch it and do other things at the same time, like play Draw Something or paint my toenails.

  4. I’m for sure by my lonesome here, but I was excited and enjoyed it :(

  5. i uh, dvr’d on the chances that maybe i would hear good things and would kill it on a boring wednesday or something?

    so uh, i don’t really know what that qualifies as.

    • If you liked the first season, keep watching. If the season finale last year touched you in your swimsuit area, then you probably won’t be able to get over that, so don’t watch.


  7. I felt like I needed to hatewatch it just to bear witness, or something? And it was like the writers just decided to go all out and make every single person, down to the most minor of characters as completely awful and non-believable as possible. I mean, even the medical staff at the fake hospital were THE WORST completely non-compassionate incompetent people in the history of television.

    Not to mention the stupid mayoral candidate who implied that having a suicide attempt was more of a campaign killer than being accused of actually killing a child. SMART POLITICS, GUY!

    • Sometimes doctors are assholes. I know, that doesn’t fit the stereotype you think of when you think of doctors, but trust me it’s definitely possible to have doctor who is a complete asshole and doesn’t really care about you.

      And Richmond’s suicide attempt going public absolutely would have destroyed his candidacy. It’s no surprise he would want to keep that secret. And it’s not as if he was making a choice between “let eveyone know I attempted suicide” or “let everyone know I might be a child killer”. He probably didn’t think there was any chance he would get arrested because, you know, he didn’t actually do it.

  8. The Danish version of the Killing (which the American series is based on) is supposed to be incredible, but I have no idea where to find Region 1 DVDs of it. Does anyone have any tips?

    • its not out on region 1. buy a region free dvd player. or, you know, steal it.

    • and yes it is SOOO much better than the american remake.

    • I actually liked the Danish version less than the American, and I only watched the Danish version because I was fed up with the remake and just wanted to know who did it. I wouldn`t have even watched the whole thing if it wasn`t for my roommates joining in, who found it equally frustrating, but we just kept going with it because it was fun to see just how incompetent Sarah could be. My flatmates are both Scandinavian by the way, which might not mean anything, but since we all hated it equally I can say it wasn’t just my `merican sensibilities that made me think there were too many red herrings, assholes/dislikable characters, instances where someone shouted `I know you did it!` based on little to no evidence, shoddy police work etc etc etc.

      Also, one of my professors said she thought Sarah was a great character because she `didn’t care about family or love interests like most female characters.` So being an asshole to everyone in your life and also being bad at your job makes you a good female character apparently? which is what I wish I had said to her but couldn’t come up with quick enough because I was so dumbstruck someone liked Sarah in first place.

  9. I am really sad (for my life) to report that I *think* the original Danish Linden was in this episode as the district attorney? And for no reason she said “Damnit, Linden!” Because that is just the kind of show this is #mcgarnagle

  10. Watching this show = eating an entire damp woolen sweater.

  11. I can understand people not enjoying this show, but what I don’t get is the seething hatred towards it. It’s almost like everyone feels that this show hurt them personally at some point, so now everyone speaks very loudly and rudely about it when it’s around, hoping it will just get the hint and move to another town. It reminds me a lot of 8th grade.

    I guess I’m just saying, the season one finale of The Killing did not “rape your childhoods” or whatever other hyperbolic vitriol people are using that was once reserved for the Star Wars prequels. For some of us it’s actually a pretty damned good show.

  12. Top five worst things about last night’s “exciting two-hour premiere”:

    1. It was two hours.
    2. That annoying little boy who kept saying, “Where’s mom?” Shut up, kid. Your mom’s an asshole.
    3. The part when they let Mr. Larsen see his teacher-beating co-conspirator in jail after he murdered or tried to murder everyone.
    4. The part when that guy killed himself/got killed and the fact that we don’t know for sure which it was.
    5. The part when Aunt Dumb Dumb let the little boy go outside by himself at night to get her cigarettes even though they know Rosie’s killer is still out there.
    6. The fact that the councilman lied about where he was on the night of the killing because he wouldn’t win mayor if everyone knew even though telling the truth would have gotten him off the hook FOR MURDER.
    7. The fact that Linden is a maniac about her son being safe but then we don’t see her check in on him for an entire day.

    OK, that was seven things. I hate this show so much.

    • One more — 8. My DVR didn’t record end of Mad Men, which I blame on The Killing.

    • 1. Only if you chose to keep watching it.
      2. Yes, because it’s so ridiculous for a child whose sister was recently murdered and whose mother is now missing to ask repeatedly where their mom is when nobody is answering them.
      3. Yeah, that’s probably not following police procedure, but they had to get one more scene between those two before he offed himself.
      4. He killed himself. I’m not sure why this would have been unclear for anyone.
      5. Yes, she’s an idiot. Also, she played a crack-whore in The Shield, which I will assume was a prequel to this, even though she was (spoiler) shot to death.
      6. He probably thought that the simple fact that he didn’t commit the murder would get him off the hook. Which makes sense with his character because he’s supposed to be the naive, wide-eyed politician who still thinks there are such things as honor and justice in this world.
      7. It’s been pretty firmly established that she’s really bad at the whole “mothering” thing. I mean she was feeding her kid out of a vending machine last night, for Christ’s sake.

  13. I was excited… I even had people over for pizza and wine and 2 hrs of The Killing. Does that make me a bad person? No. Me being a bad person makes me a bad person. On a related note, I turned my 6-month old nephew (sitting in his carseat) away from the TV so he could fall asleep IN PEACE. So there’s that.

  14. I thought I’d give it a shot since I watched all of season one, even though I was mostly annoyed and uninterested in season one. No surprise I was bored within the first five minutes–so much so that I turned my TV off and read a book. A BOOK. Congratulations, The Killing! You made me read!

  15. the fact the the premiere fell on april fool’s day was definitely correct and perfect and the best. WHO PRANK’D ROSIE LARSEN?

  16. YOU GUYS. did anyone catch duck philips on the killing??? also, LOLZ at the seattle times reporter driving a volvo station wagon. journalism!

  17. I really like this show. The pacing is slow, but I don’t mind that. I don’t know, I look forward to this season. #nosarcasmo

  18. I would sooner watch The Killing than Breaking Bad.

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