Hahaha. Yikes! Pranks are the worst, always. They are mean-spirited and rude and they almost always play on the simple fact that someone else cares enough about you in some way or another to actually TRUST you, and that’s where they fall for your amazing TRICKS because they’re such goddamned IDIOTS! And pranks on April 1st are no exception, although I guess you have a little bit of wiggle room when you try and weasel your way out of the emotional damage your saran wrap on the toilet seat has caused. “I basically was forced into pranking you by Mr. Calendar!” All of that being said, if you are going to play a prank on a presidential nominee, this is a pretty good one. (See also: “we need to get you to safety, sir, there has been another 9/11!” So fun and funny.) But how bad does Mitt Romney wish he already had the nuclear codes in this clip? If only he had the retaliatory nuclear codes. “Good one guys. I don’t have the nuclear codes yet, so this was a very funny joke!” He’s just tapping out morse code on his thigh. Wishing. Dreaming. If only. NUCLEAR CODES, PLEASE, SO I SHALL NEVER BE EMBARRASSED AGAIN! Use it, Mitt Romney. Channel it into hilarious comedy. There you go. (Via GotchaMedia.)

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  1. Haha, man, just like back at Ford Field. Ya got me again you rascals!

  2. Things we know about Gabe:

    1) He hates pranks

    2) He has self-confessed father issues.

    Sounds like SOMEBODY is still bitter that he fell for the old “we’re going to Disney World” bit.

  3. The greatest prank Mitt Romney ever pulled was convincing the world he actually has a shot at the presidency.

  4. “Eight people! How does Mitt draw these crowds?” — Ron Paul

  5. Who replaced all my thousand dollar bills with 50s? The fellas at the yacht club will laugh me out of there

  6. “That’s about 5 1/2 sub sandwiches shy of a great party.” – Kirk Cameron

  7. “You’ve been kicked in the nuts!”

    *cue laugh track*

  8. Paul Ryan is one prank away from pulling down Mitt’s pants and having his way with him!

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