In these days of free blogs and blog comment sections and call-in radio shows, it seems that everyone can find an easy platform for their opinions. When once only performers and writers for major publications could share their political rants, now everyone can. So somebody should tell that to the owner of upstate clothier Forever Leather, whose late-night infomercial turned into a full-on tirade against Hillary Clinton and Eliot “poppin’ chicks like bonbons” Spitzer. This actually aired on TV:

Don’t you love the uncomfortable faces of the people around him? (Thanks to Frank for the tip!)

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  1. When I open up an infomercial for a leather store, I know i’m getting leather jackets. No duh, right? It’s the leather BLAZER that always pleasantly surprises and continues to bring a smile to my face. Kudos to the announcer! Love that look with jeans!

  2. But where are the leather vests?

  3. Gary Bang  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2009 +5

    I’m not gonna badmouth, but I’m gonna badmouth.

  4. yum  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2009 +2

    Mmm, I love that accent. “Bahn bahns.”

  5. It’s about time somebody spoke out against those 14-minute meetings.

  6. The “dooo do do dooo” music in the background makes this one for me.

  7. “She ran for president and she didn’t even win and I haven’t seen her since!” But that’s because she became third in line for president, and she wouldn’t have if she didn’t run. Pick your battles! Jeez that’s like my boyfriend’s mom being mean to him about not bringing home an emmy even though he has a daytime emmy.

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