Community was good last night, right? Though it did bring to mind the forever struggle — especially the Jeff plot line — of whether or not I like Community a lot because I’ve already decided that I like it a lot, like a friend you wouldn’t become friends with if you had just met them now, or because I actually do like it a lot still, like a normal friend that a person would have. Soooo. WHICH IS IT? Do I love it or not? Please let me know. Signed, Desperately Unsure Ms. Blogger. It’s certainly not as exciting as it used to be, I will say that, and the only inter-character relationship that is interesting anymore is Troy and Abed’s, but it is still very enjoyable! Much better than a rerun of The Office, which was on later in the night. The “Subway” character/1984 plot was very good, I thought. “It was funny.” Hey, but you know what isn’t funny? How so much of this season of 30 Rock has been dedicated to the joke that they’ve already done everything they’re doing/the joke of pointing out when they do something they haven’t done before (like, Liz Lemon saying something about how nice it is when you see character development or whatever). It was annoying when the whole plot of the episode wasn’t focused on it, and it was even more annoying when the whole plot of the episode WAS focused on it. The funny part of the self deprecation is kind of taken away when your audience realizes that the self deprecation is TOTALLY TRUE and NOT TO THEIR BENEFIT! Yes, you have done everything you’re doing already! And it’s not as funny this time around! And I’M SORRY! Kristen Schaal is still great, though. Up All Night was just as enjoyable as it always is, which is fairly enjoyable. They showed a lot of the baby in this episode! They don’t always do that! It was cute! WHAT DID YOU THINK?

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  1. “Great whoresmanship! Sorry, sorry. WhoresWOMANship.” –Pierce

  2. Happy Endings Corner:

    Max continues to be THE BEST.

  3. I loved the Britta/Subway storyline so much!

  4. I liked how the other Derrick Comedy guys joined in the pillow fight. Have they been on Community before? I feel like they have, but whatever, I like seeing them where they belong in comedies instead of 1960s ad firms

    • They have. DC Pierson is in it most often I think, just in the background, but they also had them all working at the Gazette in the school newspaper episode and writing jokes for Pierce in the one where he wants to make fun of movies with Troy and Abed.

      • Ahh, Derrick Comedy. I love those guys. I’ve already mentioned Dominic’s ANYTIME SHOW a bazillion times this week, but some of the best episodes of that popdcast are when DC is the guest, because he and Dominic are roommates irl and they just riff of each other at break neck speeds. Lots of good callbacks always resurface.

        • I like how last weeks was directed by Kyle Newacheck, from the excellent CC show Workaholics and Blake showed up as the door guy. Great work Mail Order Comedy!

  5. I’m surprised it took them this long to use the Britta Unfiltered joke.

    I’m still chuckling over that one!

  6. i did laugh out loud when maya rudolf covered her little dog’s ears and hissed ‘he’s the son of that!’

  7. I miss Parks and Rec.

  8. Did anyone else watch Melancholia last night? It was really good for Keifer Sutherland nazi movie. Also? Alexander Skarsgård? He has serious Jim Carrey face. Am I alone here? He looks seriously goofy.

  9. I agree on the forced “rut” storyline on 30 Rock. I mean, any storyline involving Cerie is automatically something that hasn’t really been done for the past couple seasons.

  10. so i didn’t read a “mrs. blogger”, so want to go out sometime?

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