Hey! It’s Friday! Strap all your dolls to your bodies and dance to Michael Jackson with them perfectly, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! (Via OHYST.)

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  1. Despite living in NYC and seeing street performers every 20 feet, this is one of the better acts I’ve seen, especially performed by just one dude.

    • Just one dude?!?!?! I think you need to learn how to count. There is very clearly three dudes.

      On a side note, I don’t understand why everyone needed to hold onto the same pipes. I guess it was just too conceptual for me to understand. I also don’t think the guys on the outside were enjoying themselves very much. Their expression never changed.

  2. Arthur C. Clarke was right – any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  3. Staying in a line like that makes it hard to see the men in the mirror.

  4. I think the question that we’re all missing here is: What is a street vendor called “Sushi Roll” doing in the heat of Mexico City? More importantly, would you eat Mexico City’s “Sushi Roll” sushi?

    • Ok… Im from Mexico City and Im going to answer to this question in form of other questions

      What is a Pizza stand doing in New York? I thought Pizza is from the Country of Europe!
      What is a Chinese Restaurant doing in Austin? I thought Chinese food was from China or Vietnam or something like that!
      What is a Hot Dog street vendor doing in Chicago? Is he a Nazi or something?

      Did those questions sounded stupid to you?… yeah
      Believe it or not we have Sushi restaurants in Mexico… actually, we have so good Sushi that we even have a chain restaurant called Sushi Itto from Mexico that also exists in U.S.A, Spain and parts of Central America

      In case you were wondering We also have cars, and TV`s and look… Im even using the internet!

  5. Does this remind anyone else of Weekend at Bernie’s?

  6. This was not the Human Centipede I wanted, but it is the one I deserved.

  7. Good to see that Franklin can still find work.

  8. Fun Fact: Street perfomers dance in single file to hide their numbers.

  9. Wake up, you guys. He’s doing the job of three American street performers and for less money. This is why we fight.

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