Gabe: hey kelly
Kelly: Hey, Gabe
Gabe: how’s it going?
Gabe: i need you to drop everything
Gabe: and throw your computer in the garbage
Kelly: Done.
Gabe: because we have to go to florida NOW
Gabe: Spike Lee just Tweeted the for sure correct address of George Zimmerman
Gabe: and we have to go there NOW
Gabe: oh wait, shoot, it turns out that was totally the fake address
Gabe: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Kelly: So Spike Lee tweeted an incorrect address for George Zimmerman, you’re telling me?
Gabe: yes, he’s sorry that he tweeted the wrong address
Gabe: although apparently not that sorry that he tweeted an address in the first place?
Gabe: his apology is weird because of how he doesn’t apologize for even tweeting anyone’s address in the first place
Gabe: the people who live at the address he tweeted have been harrassed and threatened
Gabe: which apparently
Gabe: as far as spike lee is concerned
Gabe: be totally FINE if only it was George Zimmerman and his loved ones
Kelly: It’s called bringing someone to justice, Gabe.
Kelly: Like if Dexter had a Twitter.
Gabe: i’m a huge fan of vigilante justice
Gabe: America knows this about me
Kelly: Sure
Gabe: but i like it mano e mano style
Gabe: no homo
Gabe: like, take care of YOUR business
Gabe: avenge YOUR sensei
Gabe: but, like, don’t bring the RABBLE into it
Kelly: DON’T just retweet an address that you assume is correct because some guy said so, with a nudge of “go to this house and harass whoever’s inside”?
Kelly: I don’t know man, to each his own I guess.
Gabe: i honestly think that tweeting someone’s address and telling thousands of people to harass and abuse that person and his/her family is not that much less worse than SHOOTING A CHILD BECAUSE OF SKITTLES AND CLOTHING
Gabe: it’s basically the same knee-jerk, reactionary, aggressive disregard for human safety and well-being
Kelly: Yes, I think you are correct
Gabe: the family who live at the address he’s tweeting
Gabe: are considering suing him
Gabe: but, like, everyone should sue him
Gabe: it’s a horrible, horrible thing to do
Kelly: Hahaha yes
Gabe: kind of unbelievably so
Gabe: there should be a class action lawsuit
Gabe: in which all of america sues
Gabe: George Zimmerman and Spike Lee for being monsters
Kelly: Now that is an idea.
Kelly: “Justice In Court.”
Kelly: That is also an incredible part of the Spike Lee apology tweet
Kelly: That he ended it with “Justice In Court.”

Gabe: HA
Gabe: haha
Gabe: like
Gabe: after MUCH reflection
Gabe: he has finally decided
Gabe: that one of the bedrocks of a democratic society
Gabe: SHOULD be allowed to carry on with its work
Kelly: Right. Call off the masses currently poised to terrorize the 70-year-old couple who actually lives in that house.
Gabe: that fucking asshole
Gabe: i saw him speak one time in college
Gabe: jealous?
Gabe: that i went to college?
Kelly: No way that sounds boring
Gabe: you could go someday maybe
Gabe: Erin Brokovich style
Gabe: is that a movie about a woman who finally goes to college?
Gabe: after blogging?
Gabe: anyway, he spoke in college
Kelly: What did he say?
Gabe: and i swear he was high on cold medicine
Gabe: dude didn’t make no sense
Kelly: Oh, well I’m definitely never applying for college in that case.
Gabe: it was awful
Gabe: i was just waiting for him to actually fall completely asleep
Kelly: So you two have a history, then.
Gabe: yes
Gabe: i mean, this whole thing is just SO like him
Kelly: hahaha
Gabe: he probably took a ton of cold medicine
Gabe: and then tweeted a fake address for a man that is already reviled by America
Gabe: like, that’s the thing too
Gabe: about this
Gabe: it’s the only thing anyone in the country is talking about
Kelly: Right
Gabe: that and the box office returns on The Pink Slime Games
Gabe: or whatever
Gabe: but, like, Spike Lee wasn’t finally shedding important light
Gabe: on an unheard story
Gabe: and i am sure that there are already police posted up
Gabe: outside of George Zimmerman’s house
Gabe: to protect him from angry mobs
Gabe: but then this fucking guy
Gabe: ugh
Kelly: And it wasn’t even the right address.
Kelly: Goodness gracious, Spike Lee.
Gabe: he’s a bad person
Gabe: that’s what a bad person does
Gabe: and his apology was also over twitter?
Kelly: And then give the people who live at that address a lot of money
Kelly: And a fancy trip

Gabe: i’ll never be able to watch Bamboozled the same way again
Kelly: I’ll never be able to hear someone say something is a “Spike Lee joint” as a joke the same way again.
Gabe: wait, who says that?
Gabe: your racist friends?
Gabe: you and your racist friends
Gabe: hanging out at the hookah bar
Kelly: Well mainly I was thinking of
Kelly: the blooper reel from Superbad
Gabe: hahahhahahahah
Gabe: oh no, right, sorry
Gabe: it is weird even to me
Gabe: that the blooper reel from Superbad
Gabe: is not always on the forefront of my mind
Gabe: in order to understand jokes
Gabe: and references
Gabe: that we all make and enjoy
Kelly: Apology accepted.
Gabe: GET HER!

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  1. this is like that time Spike Lee tweeted about that asian guy on the Knicks and everybody went crazy about him for like 5 days and then Spike Lee was like “I deeply apologize to the internet for tweeting about Jeremy Lin. he’s actually just pretty mediocre. It was a mistake. Please leave the Knicks in peace. Justice on the court.” and then we all forgot about him.

  2. Fuck Spike Lee. I am just going to continue to repress the fact that he directed Do the Right Thing from my mind.

  3. (insert obligatory Do the Right Thing joke/pun here)

  4. I just can’t believe Spike Lee reacted so rashly to this racially charged crime.

  5. “Alright, this is the place. Now let’s go get us some mob justice!”

  6. Isn’t Twitter the best, you guys?

  7. You’d think Spike Lee would have some compassion for the pizza delivery guy who obviously ended up delivering 5,000 anchovy pizzas to that address.

  8. Wouldn’t it have been a bit dangerous to send a bunch of people to Zimmerman’s actual address? The guy shot someone with skittles and iced tea for being threatening. People actually showing up to his house, en masse, with the intent of harrassing him, would be a hell of a lot more threatening.

    “Hey everyone, let’s form a zombie mob and descend upon the house of the guy known for shooting people he thinks are threatening him. That can’t possibly go wrong.”

    • I apologize to anyone offended by what one prominent Videogum lurker called my ‘very practical and potentially life-saving campaign urging parents of twitter users not to let their children go around to addresses they get off twitter.

      By putting responsibility on what Spike Lee tweeted instead of how people react to them I have obscured the main point that Spike Lee asked for someone to be harassed and then apologized for it being the wrong person getting harassed. I give a heartfelt apology to anyone I may have offended in my crusade to warn families of the danger to their young twitterers following the stupid advice of people they follow; like Spike Lee.

      I remain absolutely convinced of what I said about asking for trouble. There’s trouble enough for twitter boys and young tweeters not to provoke mad responses from paranoid jerk offs.

  9. “With my luck, he’d probably retweet my address to a bunch of hairdressers on the way back from a flower convention.” —Darson Caley

  10. I was a bit surprised to learn that Spike and George are Monsters. OK guys, which one of you is Spike and which one is George? Out yourselves!

  11. Is there a way to get the raw unedited footage of Denzel Washington’s Malcolm X performance without all the lame frothy hysterical jump cuts and music video strobe effect editing that Spike Lee did all over that? I’ve always wanted to enjoy that, but it is impossible to watch. Migraine inducing Oliver Stone type edit job.

  12. “Watch out , McClains!” screamed Samuel L. Jackson.

    • I will now reprint the conversation the ladyblog had with a customer:

      ladyblog: “So, how do you spell your last name? M-C-C-L-A-N-E?”
      customer: “No. M-C-C-L-A-I-N”
      ladyblog: “Oh. Sorry. I was thinking of Die Hard.”
      customer: “…”

  13. This is who I thought of halfway into the family’s name.

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