• This is a wonderful collection of engagement photos inspired by movies. When I get married all of my engagement photos are going to be Friends themed, and we are especially going to do a special “bride only” photo homage to the scene where Joey has a turkey on his head. -ONTD
  • Saturday Night Live added a new cast member! She’s a lady named Kate McKinnon. Find things out about her with this link if you want, and if you don’t, you don’t have to! She will make her debut when the show comes back on April 7. -HuffingtonPost
  • Remember in the season premiere of Mad Men when, when the Young & Rubicam guys dropped bags filled with water on protesters below them? And the lady came up and said, “And they call us savages”? Remember? You hated it, probably? Well, a lady really said that once! -NYTimes
  • Speaking of Mad Men, because obviously “speaking of Mad Men,” here is a Breaking Bad/Mad Men mashup, as if the Breaking Bad intro were the Mad Men intro. It’s good! -BlameItOn
  • Kevin Smith says he’ll only make a Clerks 3 if it’s for Broadway. “Oh no, please, please make Clerks 3 as just a regular movie, I really want to see Clerks 3 as a regular movie even though a play version would be fantastic as well!” said somebody, in a sarcastic voice. -SlashFilm
  • I guess Lindsay Lohan is not on probation anymore? Great. The judge left her with the advice, “Stop nightclubbing and focus on your work,” which is I think advice we should ALL heed. -Dlisted
  • This is a baby discovering his shadow, because life is beautiful. -TheDailyWhat
  • Want to listen to a podcast? If you said “yes,” why not listen to FilmDrunk’s podcast? Because you wanted to listen to Radiolab and now you’re already in the mood for that? But what if there isn’t a new one? HERE YOU GO! -FilmDrunk
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  1. I thought Monica was the one who got her head stuck in the turkey, because its the episode where Chandler first said he loved her. I mean, Whoops. What’s Friends?

  2. “Life is beautiful”? I always wanted one of those play-rugs with a map of streets on it. I never got one. Thanks for the bitter memory, Kelly.

  3. I didn’t hate the “savages” line in Mad Men. It stuck out as a little too ‘tell’ and not enough ‘show,’ but black people were, and still are called savages by bigoted assholes, and during the civil rights movement I’m sure plenty of black people thought about the irony of that label. It wasn’t the best button to a scene, but to put the situation plainly, as that woman did, was fine with me.

    Also, my last name is Savage, so…

    • Haha “Men call him Savage… women call him all the time.” I don’t even have anything to say about that. That is beautiful.

      • Other taglines for the film are:

        “He’s the baddest dude with the biggest gun.”
        “On the streets or on the sheets, he’s a SAVAGE!”

        but the ‘Women call him all the time’ is by far my favorite.

  4. I haven’t done all the math, but I’m pretty sure the time SNL started factoring attractiveness into its hiring decisions is exactly when the show started sucking.

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