So dope. (Thanks for the tip, Jane.)

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  1. Ugh, step off the mic and go play with your pogs, Stack Boys. Too young.

  2. nothing is official until it gets the Taxi Dave seal of approval

  3. The t-shirts are a great ad for the mall.


  5. good thing larry johnson has held onto his grandmama costume. converse should be calling any day now…

  6. Mac Miller’s gotten really good recently.

  7. Snack Pack Snack Pack All I Eat Are Snack Packs

  8. The difference between these boys and me and my cousins is that they’re on youtube and I would’ve just been doing the same thing in front of a dubious crowd of aunts and uncles.

    Now the world is the dubious crowd of aunts and uncles.

  9. Aeropostale is so HARD, yo.

  10. This is only marginally better than that Tyga song.

  11. On the spectrum of bad internet rappers, these two really aren’t that bad! At least they occasionally switch up their flow and cadence!

    If they stick with it, they could both become very good rappers. (which is the strangest sentence I’ve ever typed.)

  12. This is why I am happy that Youtube didn’t exist when I was this age. And why I am happy that my parents didn’t have a green screen in the living room. And why I am happy I didn’t have friends or any sort of peer group.

  13. 8 year-old ElectricKoala agrees with this sentiment. They should try hanging friendship bracelets that match the colors of the hat from the snap, I’ve heard it’s very, very cool.

  14. I did an AOL keyword search for “snapback” was and to be honest, I still don’t quite know what they are talking about. Is it the same things as a baseball cap?

    • I’ve never heard the term before, but I’m going out on a limb and guessing it’s the kind of baseball cap with size-adjustment snaps in the back, as opposed to the ones with no snaps in the back. I didn’t realize there was tension between the two cap types.

      • “Fitted”


        • I see. Thank you. I was unaware that there was any kind other than “snapback.” How do you get that one kind to fit your head if you have an usually large or small noggin?

          • Fitted hats come in many different sizes, the same way traditional hats do (ie cowboy hats.) I have an abnormally large head and wear a 7 5/8″ fitted. Sizes range from 6 to 8 inches.

        • When I played baseball when I was little, I used to sometimes sit in the dugout bored and end up chewing on the “snapback” aspect of my cap, because my mouth/tongue wasn’t yet dexterous enough to de-shell sunflower seeds and I hated just chewing on the mushed gob of shell and seed, only to spit it on the ground like goop.

          My mouth and tongue are much more dexterous now, ladies.

  15. What’s an snutbag? And the question is, Can you wear it?

  16. The main singer moves like he is continually confused by how limbs work

  17. Things take a weird turn in the final :30. I kept waiting for the guy behind the camera to offer up wine coolers.

  18. At first I wondered if these kids were all friends b/c they are all prematurely balding, but turns out it’s just green screen whoopsies taking away part of their head!


  20. I have five words for these boys. “Stop – you don’t make sense.”

  21. Apparently they’re grown men, and we’re boy scouts. They flipped the script!

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