It would be easy to think, “I’ve passed the age where I could reasonably become a gymnast.” Easier still to think, “Even if I had already been a gymnast, certainly by now I would no longer be able to perform my routines as gracefully as I once had, and would probably have to give up the sport anyway.” Easier even still to think, “I don’t know. Do I even want to become a gymnast? It would be a lot of work and I’m not sure that I’d enjoy the payoff enough to make it worthwhile. Really, I mean — I don’t think I want to become a gymnast, actually? It was just kind of a thing I thought of and for a second it was like, ‘Yeah, that would be cool.’ But now that I’m actually thinking about it more, honestly, I don’t even know why I thought it would be cool for that one second. It’s not something that I’ve ever been interested in at all. Plus I’m entering the game far too late. I’m a twenty-something, for goodness sakes. I’m not even sure why we’re still talking about this.” WELL, YOU’RE WRONG! CHECK OUT THIS 86-YEAR-OLD!

So, please, next time you think you’re too old to do something — learn how to play chess, take up a musical instrument, become a gymnast — remember this woman. Has she been a gymnast her entire life? Did she just begin a few weeks ago? Did she win her contest? Who is she? What is this? All questions without an answer, I’m sure, and all questions that don’t even matter. “Just do it.” “Become a gymnast.” “Like this old woman.” “Good luck.” (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. This is a bold slap in the face to the Chinese Olympic Federation.

  2. Walmart has really upped their requirements for being a greeter.

  3. This is exactly like Payson’s routine after she broke her back!! I wonder if this lady practices at The Rock too….


  4. Hmm. Floor Exercise. Balance Beam. Uneven Bars. Vault. Leotards. Grips. Seniors. Grandma. Hips. Walkers. Assisted Living. Pills. Birthday checks. Olympics. Canes. Wheelchairs. Dentures. Mothballs. Rhythmic Gymnastics. Ribbons. I have NOTHING. I can’t figure out a way to combine all this stuff beyond ‘old people get hurt and are frail, which 1) isn’t particularly funny or interesting and 2) doesn’t apply to this spry 86 year-old lady!

    ‘I’ve fallen and I can get up because I’m an old lady gymnast’?! Is that a thing?

  5. Apparently drinking baby’s blood really does pay off.

  6. Wow. Now I feel like I have to get out of this chair. This lady will outlive us all.

  7. Are we sure it’s a real old woman and not just a stuntperson in a gray wig?

  8. Pffft. Whatever – where are the quadruple backflips?

  9. I can do headstands and commando rolls, too. What I cannot do is wear a leotard in public with any confidence. Bravo, old lady.

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