You guys know about this Jet Blue pilot, right? You know. He’s like the Reverse Steven Slater, who became an American Hero for telling everyone to go fuck themselves and then jumping down the slide with two beers in his hands. That guy was an asshole, too, actually, but this new one is a real nightmare. I guess he had some kind of psychic break in the cockpit and started screaming about 9/11 into the intercom and then when he went to the bathroom, the flight crew locked him out of the cockpit and he started banging on the door and passengers, civilians!, had to restrain him. Charges have been filed. 100 ReTumbls on the story. It’s all over the place. But, so, Carson Daly FINALLY broke his legendary silence on the radio this week, and made the following joke about the situation:

If that were me… with my luck, it would be like, ‘This is the flight going to the [gay] pride parade in San Francisco…Uh, we’re headed down to Vegas for the floral convention.’

According to Gawker, people are mad about this, which isn’t surprising, I guess, since people are always mad about everything, but my problem with this “joke” isn’t that it’s weirdly homophobic. My problem is I DON’T GET IT. Like, at all! What? Does he have bad luck? He’s been super successful since he was 17 years old or whatever, and he’s still, by all accounts, very successful despite having been the butt of a joke for almost a decade at this point. But, OK, even pretending he does have bad luck, I still don’t get it? He would have a panic attack induced psychotic meltdown in the cockpit of a plane and have to…go to a floral convention in Las Vegas? And we all agree that this is THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN, that only happens to people with CARSON DALY-CALIBER LUCK?! Carson Daly has since apologized for his “joke” (over Twitter, #natch) but to the best of my understanding he hasn’t EXPLAINED it. Please help.

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  1. like any good gay joke, you don’t get it. you’ve got to WORK

  2. Maybe it wasn’t a gay joke at all. Maybe Carson Daly is SUPER into floral conventions, and he’s saying that would be his luck on account of how he’s always been really lucky.

  3. “If he was flying with me it wouldn’t go down like that. We’d make it to San Francisico.” — Mark Wahlberg.

  4. “Last Call for flight 472 to Las Vegas floral convention”

  5. I think it’s a Downton Abbey joke.

  6. Listen, this was obviously a really bad attempt at a joke that completely failed (and on a morning radio show no less, that never happens!). But for people to get genuinely upset about this is also kind of silly. Clearly Carson Daly’s idea of gay people is antiquated and a terrible cliche, but can’t we all just look at him with a judging stare for a second and then continue to not care about him? Isn’t that the proper response to this?

  7. So, it it supposed to be Carson Daly having the psychotic break in the joke, revealing his closeted gayness, or it is somebody else busting out teh gay on an unsuspecting plane that happens to include Carson Daly?

    • Oh, OK, this is some else’s explanation on Gawker:

      “I think he was saying if he were on a plane where someone was freaking out that no one would do anything because with his luck he’d be on a plane full of queens headed to the pride parade or to a floral convention.

      Essentially, it’s a really stupid and offensive joke that insinuates all gays are nelly queens who wouldn’t even begin to know how to stop someone crazy on a plane.”

      Thanks MochaHomo! You are smart! And tasty!

      • So it’s just implied that Carson Daly would leave the heroics to the rest of the plane, then?

      • Is it strange he assumes the plane would land safely? Because I think that is the strangest part of all.

        Even when I am on a not scary plane ride, I assume it will rip apart over mountains and I will fall to my death. I do not assume it would land in Vegas, let alone at a lovely flower convention. I don’t even think Vegas is on the flight path from anywhere to SFO. Plus, there are so many many worse conventions. But, Christ, I will take an insurance / refinancing your house / guns and misogyny mega convention in Des Moines or suburban Milwaukee if it means the plane lands safely. And I’ll do it with a smile. (Because I will have been drinking many MANY bloody marys.)

        • I was on a plane that had the engine fail somewhere over Nova Scotia. We did an emergency landing at La Guardia around 4 a.m. The odds of that happening again are small. I need to stop freaking out about airplanes. For the record, I am much MUCH more terrified of cars. And florescent lighting. And suburban Milwaukee.

      • But it makes sense, though, because how is anyone going to be able to restrain a crazy person if everyone has beautiful flower arrangements in their laps? I think it’s just about their hands being full.

  8. Oh god, I feel like I did during the reading comprehension portion of some standardized test when all of a sudden NOTHING MADE SENSE. Um. Is the answer 88 miles per hour? I think the answer is 88 miles per hour.

  9. He’s saying that gay male passengers would be too sissified to restrain a crazy pilot. Not if the crazy pilot looked like Viggo Mortensen, though, right girls?

  10. (this might be the most obscure gay joke i’ve ever posted.)

  11. If it were me, I’d be more concerned that nobody on the flight seems to know where they’re going. One person says San Francisco. Another says Vegas. Why are these “gays” so confused about their destination?!? Who is responsible for boarding procedures on all-homosexual flights?!?

  12. Explanation of the joke:

    The JFK-LAS JetBlue flight that got diverted to Amarillo was filled with a ton of private security contractors (read: bodyguards) en route to a private security convention in Las Vegas. It was one of these private security contractors that detained the pilot and kept him restrained until the plane landed.

    So Carson Daly is saying that he’s such an unlucky person (who has been on TV for over a decade with almost no on-camera skill) that in his moment of aviation-related need, instead of his plane being filled with big burly professional bodyguards, it’d be filled with limp-wristed florists who would try to slap-fight the pilot into submission. Because everyone knows that all gay people are weakling florists.


  13. I’m afraid it’s time for Carson Daly to sashay away.

  14. I think the key to the “joke” (quotes because it’s not funny) is knowing that the plane was filled with “burly men” (quotes because I read that in a news article) on their way to a security convention.

    I read that the father of the pilot who had the breakdown was also a pilot who died in a PLANE CRASH while searching for a SECRET BURIED TREASURE. I’m not making this up. But I would like to call dibs on writing the screenplay for the Lifetime Movie of the Week about this whole story.

  15. The more I think about it, maybe he just meant he wouldn’t want to go to the gay pride parade, because it’s not his thing, and then if he heard they were being rerouted, he’d be like YES (wait for it…) “to a flower convention.” D’OH! But I guess this doesn’t explain why he was flying to the parade to begin with.


    • I hate parades, but I love gay pride parades. But I hate the gridlock they cause because at the end, it’s still a fucking parade. Actually, sometimes, quite literally.

      • I also hate parades. Even when I was four and they were presented to me as America’s Greatest Achievement, I stood at the side of the road in my Buster Browns, face smeared in cotton candy, and I secretly thought, “What the hell? Why do people like this? I wish I was home.”

        • I upvoted you for Buster Browns. Also, why isn’t that a rap name yet?

        • One of my earliest memories is from a parade I was dragged to in my motherland of Reno, NV. The memory is my father scolding me for staring at a person with a deformed face. Then he told me a few years ago that the deformed dude was James Vance, the kid who survived the shotgun double-suicide that resulted in Judas Priest facing trial in Nevada for supposed subliminal messages.

          So yeah, fuck parades.

      • One day I was driving home and got caught on the wrong side of the Pride Parade in Chicago. It took me an hour to go about 10 blocks on Belmont. I think I was homophobic, but just for that hour.

  16. This article makes me uncomfortable not only because of the homophobia, but because I realized how much I know about Carson Daly’s personal life, including his brief flirtation with the priesthood and broken engagements to both Tara Reid and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  17. Carson Daly? The guy who wore black nail polish on his pinkie fingers forever and who dated Tara Reid and was also Kid Rock and Fred Durst’s BFF? We care about what that guy thinks? Is it 1999 again?

    Get on back to TRL, Daly! The adult world don’t like you! You get on now! Scoot!

  18. Wow Gabe, even people with mental health issues aren’t safe from your smug judgment.

    Clearly this pilot experienced some sort of acute psychotic episode or break with reality. Having an a public, and potentially dangerous, mental health issue does not make you “an asshole too”.

    “Can you believe that fucking dick pilot had a heart attack while flying the plane? What an asshole.” – You, and you should know better. Mental health stigma is a pretty serious issue – let’s not lose sight of the true asshole, Carson Daly.


  19. I still don’t get De Niro’s joke.

  20. what a crewd joke

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