Last night, Ron Burgundy (the real human Ron Burgundy that exists) stopped by Conan to, SPOILER ALERT, announce the upcoming Anchorman sequel. “I love lamp,” indeed.

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  1. What memorable lines will douche bags all over be quoting out of context this now?!

    • “I still love lamp, bro!”
      -ElectricKoala’s fraternity brother, 2014

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about, nor do I understand the cynicism. I mean, I don’t know how to put this, but this announcement is….kind of a big deal.

    • Much like our favorite band or our favorite flavor of ice cream, there are literally like, tens to hundreds of thousands of people we wouldn’t want to hang out with who also like these things. It’s the price of admission into popular entertainment.

      • That’s right. Ice cream is a form of popular entertainment.

        Now that I’ve actually watched the announcement, I’m pretty stoked. I also had completely forgotten how Ron Burgundy shares a lot of attitudes with Robert GOULET!, and I love both of them. GOULET!’s appearance on Late Night w/ Conan (on the Nest of Will Ferrell Vol 1dvd) is one of my favorite things ever.

  2. Listen, if I wan’t to watch an anchorperson continually flub their lines and look befuddled on camera, I can just turn on the Today Show and watch Ann Curry in action. #shestheworst

  3. I’ve moved on. Now I’m with stupid lamp. We’re very happy together.

  4. Gotta be honest, of all the remakes and sequels being endlessly paraded out, this is probably one of the better ideas.

  5. “Is nice!!!!”

  6. Baxter > Uggie

  7. I’ve missed his musk.

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