WARNING: there are some pretty graphic images of animals dying starting at 1:22. ADDITIONAL WARNING: there are some pretty graphic images of Courtney Stodden starting at 0:01.

Oh brother. PETA! You OK? You guys OK? Did everyone call in sick one day and Courtney Stodden just wandered into the offices and taped this herself while sitting on Doug Hutchinson’s face? Is that what happened? I’ve got to be completely honest: I like animals and everything, but if you’re having trouble drawing people to your cause, which I feel like you are always having trouble drawing people to your cause because of how people enjoy wearing nice shoes and eating big steaks, then maybe you should leave the spaghetti-bikini-clad nincompoops out of it. Or, if you realized what Diet Sprite knew years ago, that sex really does sell, at least don’t let the sex talk. Because YIKES. The sex sounds real dumb! Anyway, good luck with your ad. I heard McDonald’s is going out of business this afternoon because of this ad and Barack Obama is awarding only one Presidential Medal of Freedom this year, to Courtney Stodden’s vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. Congratulations to the dinner. (Via Celebitchy.)

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  1. Counterpoint:

  2. “Just recently I switched to a vegetarian.”

    • “Is one meal worth killing a life?”

    • She’s an idiot, but she’s bringing awareness to stuff I care about.

      I’m not really sure who is listening to Courtney Stodden for life advice, but if we can keep one home-schooled, over-sexed child bride away from factory farms and buying toy dogs at a pet store, than maybe it’s worth it?

      • Yes, but there’s a difference between not buying from factory farms and pet stores and full-bore animal rights activism. Granted, this is an entirely different discussion other than “stupid bimbo is stupid”

        • I don’t disagree. Also, sustainability needs to be the actual discussion. And I’m rather sure those lucite heels of hers are not biodegradable. Vegan? Maybe. Live in a landfill for the next 3 billion years? Definitely.

      • I know, it’s like she just posted a Community Is A Great Show And Everyone Needs To Watch It video.

  3. “bizarre is 8 years old…”

    watch out Court, Doug might just be waiting around until it hits the magic 15…

  4. But her skin is made of leather. Hypocrite.

  5. “Seriously, stop sending us testimonial audition tapes.” -PETA

  6. This makes sense. I think her husband adopted her from a no-kill shelter.

  7. WARNING: there are some pretty graphic images of animals dying starting at 1:22, but enough about Doug Hutchinson.

  8. I get this; I can remember being idealistic and wanting to save all the animals when I was a child, too.

  9. “Stop saturating me with love!” – Courtney Stodden’s dog.

  10. “So if I’m going to welcome another, you know, companion into our home, I would suggest to go to a shelter.” Do we think she is referring to rescue dogs, or is she just finally admitting that her and Doug regularly troll the homeless shelters looking for willing threesome participants?

  11. Nice close up of her “dog” at the beginning.

  12. She should teach a course in sounding like an idiot. It’s like a weird accent all to its own. She even has a way of contorting her mouth in such a way that it somehow amplifies the dumb.

  13. I would pay to watch the gag reel of this. I imagine she fell off the stool a good few times.

  14. “I believe that there are so many animals in shelters that need homes”

    Duh Aficiando Editor in Chief?

  15. “I’ve never eaten a hamburger in my life.” Umm, how do you remember what you ate before like 6? Sidenote: children around 5 – 6 only eat hamburgers right?

  16. There are far too few Flocka jokes on this thread. Because he is kinda the best.

  17. I’m a vegetarian and PETA makes me want to eat a KFC Double Down out of spite.

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