As you may have noticed, Kelly is off today and it’s just like ugh. Right? Kelly! Come back! She will be back. If you blog something, set it free, and if it blogs for you tomorrow, please RT. Normally, Kelly puts together a link round-up every afternoon, and it’s a real treat for everybody. We learn about fun new things, we spread the wisdom and excitement of the Internet, and it’s also a nice change of pace from the day’s “Hey doesn’t THIS stink, too?!” run of full posts. But, without her here, some of us, and it could be any of us, no way to know which of this her absence affects, are a little bit unsure of what to do. I’m pretty sure Kelly’s afternoon link round-up posts are the plot of the number one movie in America for 19 weeks straight, I Don’t Know How She Does It. Like, I saw that Azaelia Banks has a new song out. That’s cool. But it’s not even Videogum material. Which is why it’s on Stereogum. So forget it. But, like, what else? Ahhhh! What else?! Tumblr? I don’t know! Did you guys see anything? If you saw something, comment something. What are today’s hot links? Are we even a family or what? WHY IS NO ONE HELPING ME?! #KONY2012

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  1. RIP Kelly. #neverforget

  2. We could have afternoon links to Hawk the Slayer related tumblr images and fan sites

  3. Here is an afternoon link, Gabe. Some of us, and there’s no way of knowing who, think that the next time you and Kelly bet on something that the loser should go on a NYC mob tour.

  4. You got straight jacked by Cracked. You got Cracked-jacked. So that’s certainly something.

  5. Apparently some people were upset that some Hunger Games characters were black:

    • Well, the character WAS named Rue. I think we were ALL picturing Blanche Devareaux.

    • I don’t even understand! Lenny Kravitz’ character is open to interpretation, but the other two characters are specifically described as being dark skinned. It’s a miracle they actually cast black actors in those roles instead of ignoring that! Why would anybody be shocked or upset by unambiguously black characters being played by black actors? It’s almost like racists aren’t even that smart. My world is upside-down.

    • The most agonizing part of the Hunger Games is when Basic Literacy gets a spear through the chest from that ruthless Career, Racism.

  6. Ceci n’est pas une afternoon link.

  7. You know how we all LOVED Megan Draper’s song last night? You can by the 7″ single here:

    Great, right?

  8. check it out with steve brule made me feel very very weird we could talk about that

    • I didn’t care for the hippie guy and the drug hallucination. Every time it gets that weird, it starts to feel like Awesome Show Great Job. I personally like Check It Out! a lot more when it sticks to the really quotidian stuff and Steve’s inability to handle basic, everyday things in a normal fashion.

  9. If you want to spend a few hours going down the rabbit hole of disturbing Hollywood stories, this article about someone who may or may not be Robert Downey Jr. telling secrets about secret starlet call-girl rings is a good place to start:

  10. Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

    * Community might be facing cancellation! Still! Go read an interview with the cast and find out which of them hate each other! -EW
    * Ryan Gosling is engaged! RYAN GOSLING IS ENGAGED -JustJared
    * Obama to cameo in upcoming TMNT reboot! But as whooooooo? -FilmDrunk
    * Taylor Mommsen to retire from music to concentrate on being a full-time celebrity -Stereogum
    * Christina Hendricks admits to taking leaked nude pictures and offers more for free -TMZ

  11. *Hey, Remember Tenacious D? AVClub has posted a new mini-movie “exclusive”. Last week my fiance was like ‘ Hey! Tenacious D is playing the Aragon! How Awesome!’ and I was like ‘Ooh! I’m so excited for that…10 years ago’ Anyway, here is the video. Very funny. Very “exclusive.”,71465/

    *this post is just in case gabe is hosting new auditions for the part of “Kelly”

    • I know that on an episode of Comedy Bang Bang, I think it was the last or second to last time Bob Odenkirk was on the show, he mentioned that he got to listen to a new Tenacious D album Jack and Kyle were doing, and that he really liked it.

      So maybe this mini-movie is the first glimpse of what is going to be a new album?

      • good grief. Now that I’ve actually watched the video, it is clear that they are working on a new album because it was all over that video. EEEHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wish someone would’ve said something.

  12. My favorite link today is Santorum losing his shit on a NY Times reporter:

  13. “Humid Hair” is trending [LADIEZ?]:

    • Also see the humid hair on the reporter in the santorum hissy fit link above. Wow lady, you need some kind of hair product.

  14. Um, I would definitely post some cool links to stuff, but I usually get them from Kelly (who has the day off apparently).

  15. My girlfriend thinks the links are great. She is 24 years older than me, lol. We met at Ag’eM’in’g’le The premiere club for older women seek younger men to meet and share your interests and afternoon links.

  16. I don’t want to brag, but today is my 10 year anniversary with my dog.


  17. In the grand tradition of “Reverse Monsters’ Ball,” I did post a list of Kelly-style links in these comments about 20 minutes ago but it says it’s awaiting moderation, so be sure check back here next week to find out what they were.

  18. You guys, Rick Perry got a good joke writer! I actually laughed at a few of these:

    • Perry: “I endorsed Newt because he told me if he’s elected, he’d name me the commander of Moon Base Alpha.”

      Asked for a response, Gingrich replied, “Yes, I made that promise to Mr. Perry. I’m sorry to anyone who was holding out for the role.”

  19. Um, you guys, Skins died today. Doesn’t it feel like we all took downers now?

    (P.S. I don’t know if yall are too grown up and fancy but I THOUGHT IT SHOULD BE KNOWN)

  20. Apropos of nothing, here’s a clip featuring some adorable shenanigans between a cute baby goat and a beagle:

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