Wait, does this mean we get to vote for Herman Cain again? Love that guy. Great President. Not entirely sure why J.J. Abrams is in this, but I’m sure he has his reasons. The important thing is that this is a good metaphor. Obama is not just killing small business, he is turning it into a complicated and inhumane make-believe blood sport in which small business is launched into the green screen and may the best marksman bring it down. Herman Cain knows all of this, because he has become pure energy, and lives atop the smoky CGI mountains in Fake Mordor. Election 2012! (Via GotchaMedia.)

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  1. But what is his stance re: hoodies?

  2. Pretty sure he ripped that last scene from a Bone Thugs N Harmony music video.

  3. I like how he asks for creative input from his supporters at the end. You have to respect a man who is brave enough to admit he’s hit rock bottom

  4. “Any questions?”

    “Yes. Lots of questions, actually.”

  5. It seems Cain thinks Obama has already LOST.

  6. I want a gif of the Duck Hunt screen where the dog pops up and laughs at you, but instead of the dog it’s Herman Cain.

  7. Andy Questions?

  8. Is Hermain Cain directing Birdemic 2?

  9. You know what would have made a much better make believe clay pigeon? A personal pan sized pepperoni pizza. Seriously, why am I the one that has to come up with these ideas, Herman?

  10. Herman Cain raises sooo many questions. This is literally at the bottom of my Herman Cain question list.

  11. Is this Poe’s Law? Is it impossible to tell a Hermain Cain Ad from a parody of a Hermain Cain Ad? Because I’m not sure which this is.

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