• Remember that time Gabe suggested filming Courtney Stodden’s life secretly for a reality show, so we could all know what really goes on in her day-to-day? That was a great idea. Why hasn’t anyone done that idea yet? Here she is roller skating for men with cameras. I cut her butt out of this pic, but trust me, IT’S THERE. -Celebuzz
  • Geraldo Rivera tweeted that his son contacted him to tell him that he was “ashamed of his position re hoodies.” But don’t worry guys, he still stands his ground. What a nightmare!-TheDailyWhat
  • Here is a supercut of Joan leaving rooms on Mad Men. MEN. -Jest
  • Speaking of Mad Men, Jon Hamm says that friends of his (or at least one friend of his?) have asked him to impregnate them, but that he declined. Typical. Were any of them you guys? -TheSuperficial
  • Remember how that Kony 2012 guy freaked out, and then Jason Biggs parodied him freaking out? Well the original guy has responded to Jason Biggs parodying him freaking out. Ugandan children feel better already. -FilmDrunk
  • Fewer people watched Community last night than last week, but still more people than usual. That’s good! If you like Community! Or just interesting ratings anecdotes! -AVClub
  • This is the last Mad Men thing, I swear, but here is a quick refresher of the past few seasons before we all go into the premiere on Sunday. And by “we all” I mean “not me” because I have a wedding to go to(on the day of the Mad Men season premiere?) (I KNOW.) (selfish couple) (just kidding they’re lovely!). -Vulture
  • Here is a really long thing about Game of Thrones. The description says it “revisits the stunning events of Season 1, introduces the major players, and presents a tantalizing peek at Season 2.” Does that sound like a thing you’ll like? -HBO
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  1. Why is Courtney Stodden ice skating in an American flag bikini?

  2. I have never seen something go from awful to great so quickly

  3. If Geraldo doesn’t want people to shoot him because they think he’s a sex offender, he should shave his pedophile mustache.

  4. Of course I asked Jon Hamm to impregnate me. Duh. No Doy.

  5. Courtney Stodden IS my batsignal!

    I’ll show myself out now.

  6. Geraldo has sadly been ignoring his son’s “ashamed of your position re: mustaches” tweets for years.

  7. “i dont wanna make things awkward between us i just want you to father 6 to 10 of my children” – All of Jon Hamms friends

  8. Has anyone else heard the Pod F Tompkast episode where Paul played the sketch from his Largo show that featured a very pregnant Maya Rudolph and then Jon Hamm comes out as her baby from the future? It’s amazing, and because of the events that transpire in sketch, Jon Hamm does a really funny voice towards the end.

    It’s that voice I just heard when I thought of him declining his friends’ propositions to impregnate them. It would also be a hilarious voice for him to use right before ‘the deed’ if he decided he would impregnate them.

  9. Wheee! The Geraldo tweet says, “My own son just wrote to say he’s ashamed of my comments re hoodies-still I feel parents must do whatever they can to keep their kids safe.”

    Note to parents: please, please protect your kids by promoting the racist stereotype that all young black males are dangerous criminals. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

  10. Sure his son is ashamed of Geraldo, but have you seen the baggie pants that kid wears? He’ll never get a job dressed like that!

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