Warning: Do not watch this.

Ugh, I’m so sorry. Though, I did warn you. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Can you tell me how to get to Sodomy Street?

  2. After what he did to Elmo Huckabeast was ostracized from the Videogum community

  3. Those are the background tears of a child who will go through life and never be able to enjoy cookies ever.

  4. Elmo said “tickle me”, but he didn’t say where.

  5. Dickle Me Elmo

  6. Elmo shouldn’t have been wearing such a slutty outfit.

  7. I am not going to pay for their birth control goddammit!

  8. I’m LALALALALALALALAing all through this too, Elmo.


  9. You’re all prudes.

  10. Hmm wonder why there’s A CHILD CRYING IN THE BACKGROUND.

  11. Huckabeast! This is why we told you never to make a sex tape!

  12. Perverted Furby just wants to watch.

  13. my guess this is a stay at home dad.

  14. Dear God Kelly!!! I can never unsee that. Now I’m wondering what our Tickle Me Elmo and Bouncing Tigger are up to when we are of the house. And the Little People?! Can you imagine what goes on in the parking garage when no one is home to keep them in line? Without a doubt the shenanigans in the Loving Family Dollhouse would make Rick Santorum cry. Thanks for dragging my mind into the gutter. It’s a nice break.

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