Here’s the Super Bowl teaser scene from Year One, starring Michael Cera and Jack Black as cavemen who witness history. Like The Ten Commandments meets Forrest Gump. In this two-minute scene, they meet Cain and Abel, played by David Cross and Paul Rudd:

This movie looks really Mel Brooks-y and awesome.

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  1. David Cross is so amazing. But then…
    George Michael Bluth as a horny high schooler; with orange Tic-Tacs; with a playlist; as a caveman. As much as I love him, I’m hoping this is more “Clark and Michael” than George Michael Bluth.

  2. You didn’t even mention Harold Ramis, but David Cross and Paul Rudd playing bible characters was more than enough— comment null.

  3. oh damn. def on the “to see list” even if only for this insane 4-way dynamic

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  5. The Michael Cera backlash has officially begun! It does seem to coincide with his recent too cool for school comments regarding the Arrested Development movie. Also, Jack Black definitely wasn’t the worst in Tropic Thunder; is it possible that he might not be the worst in this film?

  6. talkingstove  |   Posted on Feb 2nd, 2009 +6

    Um, while I fully get the Michael Cera plays George Michael thing, there’s no indication he does that here? At all? I mean, basically all he does here is say he is a maker and a joke about a shelf unit. Though I remember George Michael was all about the shelving units. Fucking his cousin, and shelf units.

  7. I will see this for one reason and one reason alone


  8. I have a bad feeling about this.

  9. Finally I can put all this Catechism to good use!

  10. “Jack Black, Michael Cera, David Cross, and Paul Rudd-”
    I’m there.

  11. unlike every mel brooks movie, this actually looks fun.

  12. Man, I already saw Life of Brian.

  13. clever pseudonym  |   Posted on Feb 2nd, 2009 -1

    This looks way more “Hey, I grew up on Python films!” than it does Brooks.

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