OH THANK GOD. Thank god we all woke up and it was Friday rather than Monday, and we don’t have to repeat this week in an infinite loop forever and ever. That would have been awful. I can’t think of anything more worth celebrating than the fact that that did NOT happen. CELEBRATE, BABIES! (Via Urlesque.)

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  1. Those moves are a little dirty…

  2. This song will never get out of my head all day. Quick, someone play Bieber!

    Wait, that will just make things worse.

  3. The two best friends that anyone could ever have?

  4. Those floors look so hard. Get a rug for your babies, people!

  5. That is both adorable and somewhat terrifying. Adorafying? Terdorable?

  6. It told me to watch until 1:10, but I decided to watch the whole thing. I wish I listened to the warning, because around 1:15 the baby on the right unhooked its jaw and ate the baby on the left whole, like an anaconda.

  7. Nothing happens at 1:10, it’s a trick to make you watch longer. At first I thought blue stripe was going to grow up to be the ugly shy twin, but now I think it might be red stripe….

  8. see gabe, this is the kind of stuff I was talking about before. no existential despair. no reassessing my place in the universe. just a window into the miracle of being alive.

    i’m going to videogum everywhere and go for a walk.

  9. c’mon, babies. the mysterious hand pressed the music button right in front of you and you still don’t know how it works??

  10. Is 1:10 when Red Stripe’s butt begins to mysteriously glow?

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