Hey everybody, it’s been so nice outside lately! On the one hand it’s a little strange because the winter was so mild (here where I live, but maybe also where you live?), and it’s only March now and we’re already all in our shorts and t-shirts. What’s the deal with that? Is it because the world is ending soon and it thought it would make our final few months more pleasant than normal? Maybe! Who knows! Only god. In any case, let’s celebrate being able to leave our house and do things outside for extended periods of time by staying inside on our computers and playing a party game! Outdoor movies! I will go first:

  • You Can Count On Me, To Be On Time For The Picnic
  • Fat Alfrescobert
  • The Park Knight
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Hikes Back To That Nice Spot Where You Can See The Whole City
  • Outside Job

Your turn now! Take your turn and then go outside!

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  1. The Great Outdoors But Not A Mediocre Comedy An Actual Nice Day

  2. Winter’s Gone

  3. Finding Forrester at The Bar With The Patio

  4. Get Shorty Outside…It’s so beautiful!

  5. Outdoor Sex and The City

  6. We Need to talk about Kevin not being outside enough, he’ll get a vitamin D deficiency

  7. Gummo in tha hiz-ouse

  8. Killer Klouds from Outer Space

  9. Fishing: Is Possible

  10. Black Swan (on the lake, take a picture will you? We can show your mother!)

  11. Throw Momma Through the Sprinkler

  12. Not a movie, but I can’t resist:

    Outside by Anonymous (Daniel Humphrey)

  13. Wide Open Spaces Jam

  14. Porch Swingers

  15. On Golden Pond (In the Unseasonabley Nice Weather)

  16. The fall (from the swingset)

  17. Walking Wag the Dog

  18. Goddammit, It’s Sleeting Again.

  19. It Doesn’t Look Like Rain, Man

  20. The Sunning Man

  21. Eternal Sunshine of the Unseasonabley Warm Spring

  22. Unseasonabley Warm Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… And Unseasonabley Warm Spring

  23. The Summger Games

  24. Faster, Pussycat! Grill! Grill!

  25. Star Wars Episode I: The Pollen Menace

  26. He’s Just Not That Into Waking Up to Dew

  27. Hope Floats on a Lake

  28. Pollen Brugge

  29. Friday the 13th of July

  30. That Thing You Dew

  31. There Will Be Mud

  32. Slip’n Sliding Doors

  33. I Just Saw A Lot Of Daffodils Die In The Snow This Morning

  34. Rakespeare in Love

  35. Harold & Kumar Go Whitewater Rafting

  36. I Know What You Did Last Wet Hot American Summer: It was A Walk to Remember, from Manhattan to The Lake House, where on The Beach you built Two Towers and A House, of Sand and Fog. You were Spirited Away by the Antz, who were in A League of Their Own as they drank Honey from the Steel Magnolias along the Field of Dreams. Dreaming of A Bug’s Life you planned your permanent Escape From New York, Dirty Dancing and Singin’ in the Rain along The Road as you returned Home, Alone, thinking damn, Life is Beautiful.

  37. Never Let Me Go-Kart

  38. Friday Night’s Light

  39. Lawrence of Parasailing

  40. War Reenactment Horse

  41. Did everybody go outside?

  42. The Muppets Take Central Park Manhattan

  43. Let the Right One Outside

  44. Some Like it Unseasonably Warm

  45. We Need to Talk About Camping

  46. Saturday Night Hay Fever

  47. Dude, Where’s My Car? ( I didn’t bring it because I am hiking through the Canadian North)

    Nailed it.

  48. WarPorch

  49. The Daydream before Easter (more of a #springmoive)

  50. Real Big Fishing

  51. WALL-frEe

  52. Requiem for Ice Cream

  53. Sex and the Forest

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