• There’s a piece in the New York Times about Todd Barry. Haha, it’s basically full of put-downs? I’m sure it’s very flattering to have a NYTimes article written about you even IF it describes you as “a short, middle-aged, bald comic with a paunch.” -NYTimes
  • This is a montage of all of the women Don Draper hooked up with in season four of Mad Men. I never noticed before, but I guess that guy gets a lot of different women! Do remember that season five premieres this Monday morning on Nick Jr. -Flavorwire
  • Rich Juzwiak wrote a piece for Gawker about why he will never write another TV recap and everything about it is correct. -Gawker
  • Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live included a segment in which celebrities read negative Twitter comments about themselves. It’s basically great but also a little sad in how obvious it is that the popular celebrities had to find weird, random ones, and the unpopular celebrities def did not. -JimmyKimmel
  • Here John Slattery explains the Bobby Draper/January Jones controversy from last August, kind of. Basically she is just horrible to the children onscreen and off? And also probably every adult? Got it. -Vulture
  • Uhhh so, here is a weird video in which a guy plugs a thing into itself and uses a lighter to make electricity? It’s weird. I mean, it is fake, obviously. It a weird prank video, I guess? Or something? Why are we all watching this? -TheDailyWhat
  • Oh hey, you’ll like this! Omar from The Wire, AKA Michael K. Williams, is going to star as Ol’ Dirty Bastard in an upcoming ODB biopic! How about that! Pretty good, right? -FilmDrunk
  • Jeremy Sisto, AKA Alton, had a son and he gave his son an incredible name. His daughter’s name is apparently Charlie-Ballerina (??) (?????) if that gives you any idea of how incredible his brain is at naming. -Dlisted
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  1. if you google “backhanded compliment” you will get this link as the first and only hit



  2. Gabe, DON’T READ that Juzwiak-Gawker thing about quitting the TV recap business! It’s all lies, whatever Kelly tells you. We need our Walking Dead recaps to keep on rolling. Just like we needed our Thirtysomethings.

    Seriously though, back in my wasted youth I read the Drennen 90210 recaps, and even now I remember some of them clearly. That is a sign of good writing worth doing, contra Juzwiak-Gawker’s point.

    Although it also is a sign that my brain is mismanaged.

  3. You know who has nice things to say about Betty Draper? Creepy Glen.

    Fun fact: If you mention Creepy Glen on Twitter, he’ll follow you. You won’t even realize it and then BOOM! Creepy Glen is all up in your Twitter.

    OMGOMGOMGOMG I am sooo excited for Sunday!!!

  4. “They’ve had about five Bobby Drapers and they can’t seem to find one who doesn’t look straight into the lens.”

    Boom! Told that kid (and the four who preceded him).

  5. Has Gawker fired Brian Moylan yet? No? No reason to read anything there then. Ever since Richard left the second time and they kept letting Brian crank out poop-factory work, it’s been the worst.


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