It’s such a nice day outside today, guys. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, I have the window next to my computer open and get to see and hear how well things are going out there, and feel a bit of the air sometimes. IT’S NICE! I hope it’s a nice day today where you are, too. It’s kind of distractingly nice, to be honest, in that it’s difficult to find things to be upset about in the world and write about them for a blog when all you can do is think about how lucky you are just to be ALIVE and able to feel the AIR on your SKIN and wear SUNGLASSES and SHORT SHORTS. Also there’s nothing really going on today. Is everyone outside? What’s up, dudes? GET BACK TO YOUR COMPUTERS AND REPORT THE CELEB BLOOPER NEWS THAT I KNOW MUST BE HAPPENING SOMEWHERE! So in honor of all of that, here is a very sweet video of a father dressed like Captain America, returning from Afganistan to surprise his son on his birthday. What a sweet hero! Let’s all go outside and get married!

Awwww. Very glad the little boys hugged the father at the end. Would have been not a great ending if they just sat at the table the whole time. So, yes! Life is good! Families are together again! And they’re very sweet to each other! And VERY CUTE! Let’s all go outside and get some lemonade and talk about our plans for the summer, I’ll meet you on the roof! (Via OHYST.)

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  1. Kelly, I don’t know how you could have known, but this video really does make me want to go outside in some short shorts and get married.

  2. Joke’s on you, Kelly. I knew I was going to cry even before I clicked play.

    • Van Oben, was this a different avatar not 30 seconds ago or did that acid from Burning Man 1999 finally kick in.

      • I changed avatar earlier today because I didn’t want an Avatar with a Luck character anymore. It was too painful. But I think you have to do something computer-related before it actually shows up. Either refresh your screen or have your cache cleared or I have no idea what I’m talking about. But the answer is yes, I changed avatars to this rad Death Star picture. If what see is an empty Swedish rural cinema from the 1940s then you’re quite likely delusional.

  3. Yeah. Wow. That pollen. Reeeeally making me tear up all of a sudden.

    • I’m not crying at work. I’m just really allergic to YouTube videos, that’s all. YouTube videos about soldiers coming home and Marvel superheroes are especially.. … ..something…I gotta go wash my face for normal reasons.

  4. It’s heartwarming and touching and I love it, but you just know that there is some tiny part of that kid wondering why daddy didn’t bring the rest of the Avengers with him.

  5. I’m going to go ahead and objectify that dad as a DILF

  6. The kid would have probably been even happier if his dad had chosen to dress as a superhero who’s primary power isn’t hiding behind a shield.

    • On the other, most savvy kids would probably require a demonstration of a superhero’s particular superpower before being convinced. I know from a great deal of trial and error that hiding behind a shield is A LOT easier than flying or shooting webs from my wrists.

  7. Hey wait a minute!! I thought MY Dad was Captain America!!!!

  8. Definitely better than my dad’s Thor greeting.

  9. Shame he already lost the Father of the Year Award to Hugh Grant.

  10. My brother comes back from Afghanistan in a week! But I’m not going to make him don a costume to surprise me, mainly because I don’t think he’d be okay dressing up as Katniss Everdeen.

  11. This kills me.

    My wife and I just had our first baby boy and now my tear ducts are like geysers every time I see anything remotely baby-related.

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