“Hmm, I wonder what Mad Men would be like as a ‘choose your own adventure’ style 8-bit game, because I am a nerd, and also I am fictional.”

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  1. Thank you, Don. But the account is in another castle!

  2. I was hoping it’d be more like a side-scrolling Castlevania-type game, where Don has to collect all the missing items from his box of Dick Whitman stuff with alternating missions of keeping the firm’s clients happy and all his mistresses happy or locked down. Occasionally there will be a Metal Slug-style Korean War mission as flashbacks. Various characters who have items from Don’s box are the level bosses.

    In one level he has to chase/race Pete Campbell to Cooper’s office after Pete finds out the truth.
    In another level set in a restaurant Don has to dodge waiters and forks and drunk people to reach the powder room where he must finger-blast attack Bobbie Barrett to keep her trap shut.

    Like in Castelvania or a Mega Man game, each boss has a special item or power up that Don can use against the next boss, with the final boss being Betty, who steals the Dick Whitman Box away after Don has collected all the missing pieces. Betty is armed with a shotgun, slap attacks and divorce papers.

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