Some days everything just seems to work out somehow. You get home right in time to catch the UPS guy as he’s leaving you a final notice, or you really want an iced coffee and then find two dollars in your pocket, or you happen upon the perfect birthday YouTube video to send to a friend, or maybe you wake up and you just look NICE. But then some other days you get caught near an exploding sewer. And you think, “I guess we’re even, universe.” And the universe is like, “Hahahaha, you think this is even? Are you serious? I gave you $2 in your pocket and you think this evens it out? YOU GOT SO MUCH POOP ON YOU.” And you’re like, “Grow up.” And the universe is like, “THROW up.” (Via BlameItOn.)

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  1. “Aliens? We’re aliens now? Not if I have anything to say about that!” – Donatello

  2. And then the sewer’s like, “BLOW up.”

  3. Tay Zonday predicted this in 2007.

  4. Nothing like getting knocked down by a giant shit cloud to put a damper on your day.

  5. If this was the fault of someone who happened to be female, everybody in this video should SUE HER.

  6. I have to give Videogum kudos on providing me with a new and comprehensive list of phobias! I would never leave my apartment again, but I suspect my toilet is plotting.

    • With the multiple exploding manhole covers in DC and NYC in the past few years and that person who stepped on a manhole cover and was electrocuted, I pretty much walk down the street like Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets.”

  7. I bet all those people feel shitty

  8. Yo dawg, I heard you like manholes, so I put some hydraulics in your ride, they’re the shit.

  9. How long can poop burn. SO MUCH POOP SMOKE!

  10. I have never seen such a profound RUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN moment in my life.

  11. Hey, lady in the blue coat: drop the shopping bag. Whatever you had in there is just gone, man.

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