Ooooooh, so THAT’S what March Madness is. That makes sense. Putting this trampoline accident at the top of my bracket! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. even the ball is laughing at them.

  2. The trampoline cage match: two men enter.

  3. Big Bang Theory wants its laugh track back.

  4. My favorite part was when the safety net provided no safety whatsoever. Delightful metaphor for the human condition.

  5. I’m not sold on these trampolines with netting around them. I seem to recall a great deal of the fun was cheating death and/or laughing at your friend who just fell off the side, until you realized that he’d broken his collarbone.

  6. Mosquitos are a big nuisance when trampolining, apparently.

  7. This is my favorite trampoline accident video ever because it was the gentlest.

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