It’s an art really, and the people you meet are fascinating. One day, if mankind ever realizes its true potential, everyone will just be a model.

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  1. Maybe he didn’t like his macho friends suggesting he go “this way or that way” because he’s not an ambi-turner?

  2. What do you mean UNfortunately you’re not wearing any? Amiriteladiez?

  3. “Sometimes it’s not that easy, you know what I mean? It’s not all cupcakes and Jesus juice like you might assume. Yeah, a lot of times, and I’ll admit it, it’s not easy being handsome, being a model, being a graduate, even of the Handsome Boy Modeling School. ‘Cuz they pick on you. They make you, you know, they say ‘You gotta go onto the runway then two minutes later you have to change and go again.’ And the restrooms are full. You can’t gt into the restrooms! And then they say, ‘You walk so SLOW,’ they say, ‘Your steps are TOO TINY.’ This is what they say- ‘Tiny steps.’ Well yes! Tiny steps! You would walk with your legs close together tiny steps if you couldn’t get into the restroom! What do you want, you know?” -Don Novello (as comic character Father Guido Sarducci), Handsome Boy Modeling School, White People

  4. Is anyone else getting a terry richardson-terry richardson vibe from the photographer? Yikes.

  5. My head hurts.

  6. I’m pretty sure that photographer had a chest hair perm.

  7. When I was 19 I signed up for work with a temp agency, and they sent me to work at a mall selling Mont Blanc pens at the top of an escalator. My job was to sit behind a table and run credit cards. In front of the table stood two models, one male, one female. Their job was to interest passersby in the $100 pens. The woman seemed normal but jaded; she had come to accept that her modeling career was peaking and this was it. The guy was tiny, like a jockey, and had an enthusiastic desperation for approval; between customers he constantly referred to how he had big plans and was doing important shoots the rest of the week.

    I decided that day, at the top of that escalator in New Jersey, that I would NOT pursue a career in modeling.

    Huge time-saver, no doubt.

  8. I was going to comment on this but I just realized that I’m late for “Go this way” practice.

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