What? It’s Times Square, man! Even with all of the new car-free pedestrian walkways, you can hardly get through that place but for all of the tourists giant living Chuckie dolls. There are a million stories in the city and this is one of them. Hey, here’s an idea, why don’t you tell your version of the story in the form of a caption? Perfect.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Spooky! (Via Internetlurker.)

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  1. There are a million nightmares in my brain and this has supplanted all of them.

  2. New York’s version of Johnny Depp from Tim Burton’s remake of Willy Wonka.

  3. I bet taking candy from these kids would be (sunglasses) Child’s Play.


  4. Fake and Child’s Play

  5. The only thing scarier in Times Square than those Chuckie Dolls is the price of lunch! — Tourists

  6. These are actually way less creepy than dozens of sentient my buddies.

  7. I am pretty sure this is my mom’s mental image of New York, to be honest.

  8. ESPN Zone! Were we ever so young?

  9. “i told you Times Square would be a nightmare. Now, pull out the map and lets find that Olive Garden.”

  10. Chucky from Child’s Play Costumes from Adults:

    “Shared among friends.”

  11. not all the Chuckies

  12. Are these those New York Dolls everyone keeps talking about?

  13. Hugh Grant drops his quadruplets off for an afternoon of fun in Times Square.

  14. Ohhh, the city that never sleeps. I get it now.

  15. Talk about a tall glass of ginger ail.

  16. “Do you like hip-hop?” X4


    • “Hey girl. Where you from? You like hip hop? You from Norway? Sweden? Yo, you from Germany, right? Denmark? Nebraska? Finland. Girl, you from Finland. I knew it. Yo, you like hip-hop?”


  17. Honestly this picture is less terrifying than ACTUALLY walking through Times Square.

  18. Wow, I’m glad I wasn’t there.

    Fucking doll. Always did scare me.

  19. Where Jennifer Tilly at!???

  20. Thanks a lot, Bloomberg.

  21. so this it what the early seasons of Sex and the City look like now that they’ve upgraded them to HD?

  22. “My name’s Chuckie, wanna play? What’s your name? That’s $20. Don’t walk away, I already signed your name to the playthings, you’ve gotta pay for them! Are you a racist?”

  23. Improv Everywhere has taken a really dark turn, you guys.

  24. Not nearly as scary as Videogum’s new anti-smoking ads.

  25. Oh, they’re just handing out fliers to Stefon’s favorite new spot, Schnark. It’s where hyperactive children dressed up as Chuckie dolls do your hair with those switch blade combs, you can get a guided sewer tour from Beary Barrington of Disney’s The Country Bears, and for $10 you can pet the cat from the Fancy Feast marriage proposal commercial.

  26. The sickness is spreading to the internet!

  27. Boring. Show me a photo of them overpowering the Naked Cowboy, and maybe I’ll caption it.

    • That cowboy isn’t even naked! I’m sick of New York and its lies.
      “There is a naked cowboy.”
      “We’re going to hire you.”
      “The falafel isn’t filled with rat poison.”

      Eat a dick, New York.

      • I upvoted you for everything except the falafel remark. Don’t diss the falafel.

        MTA: “Going your way, after a thousand transfers.”
        I am so fucking sick of the MTA. 1.5 hours of my life wasted every workday with stations so dirty and in such disrepair that tourists deserve to mock us. And I can tell (even while reading a book or catnapping) that we are at 79th Street station because it has its own smell.

  28. Abracadabra, I sat on his knee
    Presto chango, now he is me
    Hocus Pocus, we put her to bed
    Magic is fun…. WE’RE DEAD!

  29. “Moments later they began engaging in the planned Jennifer Tilly orgy, not realizing for awhile that something was missing…”

  30. Why can’t Carl wander THERE?

  31. Hmmm I expected to see more Gingers out on St. Patrick’s Day.

  32. I see they’ve taken the Justin Bieber dolls in a new direction.

  33. Awe, the Williamsburg Montessori school is on Spring Break.

  34. Is this for the new Life’s Too Short episode?


  36. Way creepier than the man in the Elmo suit that hangs out by the Olive Garden.

  37. “Eek!” – New York’s rendition of “Ack!”


    I’m still scarred from seeing Child’s Play when I was 5, this picture is triggering my fight or flight response such that I want to murder everybody ever, set fire to the whole world just to be rid of the possibility of ever encountering this in real life.

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