It seems like every day we get a little more insight into how celebrities are really JUST like us. For example, even they have doubts about their own beauty when newspapers ask them about what it’s like to be known for being so beautiful. I know. Jon Hamm, if you can believe it, Mr. Handsome himself, doesn’t even necessarily think of himself like the handsome guy! From DigitalSpy:

“I don’t necessarily think of myself like the handsome guy. That’s reserved for Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds and those guys,” the 41-year-old explained in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“It’s certainly nice when people say nice things about you, don’t get me wrong. I guess I never really thought of myself that way. I just wanted to be a regular person and try to portray parts as varied as I could.”

Haha, ooook, Jon Hamm. We’ll have to assume that by Ryan Reynolds he for sure meant Ryan Gosling, because “the handsome guy” is def not Ryan Reynolds. No offense to Ryan Reynolds. The “sometimes very muscular, but not other times” guy FOR SURE, but I’m not sold on “the handsome guy.” Anyway, though, back to the matter at hand: Sure. Poor Jon Hamm, never wanted to be thought of as the handsome guy, and now has to deal with being thought of as the handsome guy AND crippling self-doubt. In order to cheer him up, please vote in our Jon Hamm Confidence Boosting Poll.

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Awww, there you go, Jon Hamm. Cheer up! You can maybe still play an ugly guy if you just put on glasses!

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  1. They should rename the word “Hammsome”

  2. If Jon Hamm doesn’t think he’s devastatingly way out of my league than perhaps I can pull some pickup artist moves on him and we can be boyfriend and girlfriend forever and ever. I get all Madeline Kahn in Clue about him.

  3. #Hammblebrag

  4. It’s just like when I asked TIlda Swinton if she knew she was a stone cold fox, and all she said was “Why are you in my bushes? I thought I gave you the slip in Morocco! Gaspar, ready my elephant gun.”

  5. Sure, he thinks he’s not handsome, but Kim Kardashian is the one that’s the fucking idiot.

  6. I legitimately don’t see the handsomeness in Jon Hamm’s face. I do not get it. It’s beyond the “not my type”. I sincerely cannot even consider him to be objectively handsome. I just really do not find him good looking at all? Like, I find his smile really awkward and sneer-y and I think his chin is ugly and his face is maybe too wide and too stern. I understand that I am not part of the consensus on this one, but there you have it! I’m sorry to Jon Hamm who is probably nice and definitely good at his job, but most of all, I’m sorry to YOU, Videogum community, for disappointing everyone in regards to this crucial matter.

    • I accept your apology on behalf of all Hammites, and offer one Fassbender as a gesture of the peace we have made:

    • Although I disagree with you on the Hammster, I feel you with regard to the general point. For example, I am baffled by the attraction to Ryan Gosling. Differences make the world go ’round!

    • I am as straight as a dude can be. Not in a football-and-homophobia way, but in the sense that I just do not find other dudes even a little attractive. So I can’t really see the handsomeness, per se. HOWEVER, I can recognize him as the coolest, most charming dude in the world, and he has effectively replaced Dave Grohl as my non-sexual dream boyfriend.

    • Jon Hamm’s appeal to me is that he is so masculine without being macho. He has a presence, something going on behind his eyes, an intelligence, a wit, a magnetism, just something that makes me want him to shove me up against a wall and…..omg what were we talking about?

      • I would also like to add that his failure/refusal to conform to the Hollywood man-trend of maintaining an impossibly perfect body is also very hotttt (each extra t represents one inch around Hamm’s middle that he COULD lose but is fine just where it is).

  7. He should be like Jean Dujardin who when told by Meryl Streep that he was “very handsome,” simply replied: ‘Yes, it’s the story of my life.’” .

    • Baaaaawl! Seriously, it really chafes my chaps when a really physically beautiful person tries to play too humble, when facts are facts. Regardless of how you feel about your looks, if almost everyone you’ve ever met tells you how gorgeous you are, them’s the breaks – you is hot; deal with it. And don’t be a stranger.

  8. poor guy must fuck like dogshit

  9. He also doesn’t think he’s Dick Whitman. We all know he’s confused about himself.

  10. I’ve said this story before and I’ll say it again. The guy made me tongue-tied when I met him. He wasn’t even famous yet. He’s just *that* good-looking. I was literally handsomestruck.

  11. Acceptable responses to being called handsome:

    -”I don’t see it, you’re crazy”
    -”I was a bullied nerd in high school”
    -”I used to get mistaken for a girl”

    Or you could do what Hugh Jackman does and change the subject by peeing on the floor.

  12. First of all, why hasn’t anyone posted his high school football photo yet?

    Secondly, he’s an ugly crier.

    Thirdly, he is a guy who can pull off some amazing serious faces, but his doofy-looking doofiness is always one toothy grin away.

    Fourthly, where is that football pic?!

  13. He likes varied parts. Like the part of handsome ad-man. The part of the doctor-fling who’s almost too perfect. The part of the douchebag whom the female lead only likes because he is really good-looking.

  14. I would also like to state that brows usually dictate men’s overall attractive-ness in the eyes of others. If people get on board with the eyes and the eyebrows, they usually roll with the rest of the face. I am basing this on zero research, but I am a scientist.

    • I will donate to the science that helps us understand why Jon Hamm has such a profound effect on me and women like me. What will I donate? Well, I don’t want to make this #grossgum, especially after the boys promised to dial back the Christina Hendricks stuff. But let’s just say I’m available for field studies with the subject in question. I’ll even bring a flask. You know, for science.

  15. I saw a man in his low 30′s in a bar in NYC a couple of months ago that looked exactly like a slightly younger Jon Hamm. If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would have made him mine. There’s no ring on this finger, so anything is possible. For that matter, there’s no ring on Jon Hamm’s finger, so ANYTHING is possible.

  16. Oh jeez Hammster. Your quote would have made a lot more sense if it ended with “ha JK”.

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