It is a well-known fact, just lying, I’m not sure if it’s well known or not, I certainly did not know, but it is a “well known fact” that President Barack Obama is a fan of the show Entourage. Sure. Whatever floats the president’s boat. I bet that sometimes he watches it and turns to Joe Biden and says, “You’re sooo Turtle.” And Joe Biden is like, “NAH UH,” and Obama just smiles at him and nods. And then Joe Biden is like, “Whatever.” Because it’s like, yeah, he is so Turtle. And anyway, look at this startling FACT that Adrian Grenier posted on Facebook. From E!:

President Barack Obama really did love the HBO series, Entourage. So much so that it looks like he may end up making an appearance in the HBO series’ much talked-about movie spinoff.

Adrian Grenier posted a photo of himself and the prez on his Facebook page earlier today with a message reading, “I promised to make the Entourage movie if he would do a cameo. He agreed. Seriously.”

YOU HEARD IT THERE FIRST, FOLKS! Adrian Grenier has a verbal contract with President Obama that states if Adrian Grenier makes the Entourage movie, President Obama has to be in the Entourage movie. Try getting out of that one, OBAMA.

“Poor guy must fuck like dog shit.” – President Barack Obama looking at a picture of George W. Bush, Entourage: The Movie, 2014

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  2. In other news, Joe Biden’s letter writing campaign to get Aril$$ back on the air enters its 12th year.

  3. I would have been less disappointed to read that Obama’s birth certificate really is fake than I am to read this news. Ughughugh.

  4. “I have many close friends who own television networks.” – Mitt Romney’s comeback

  5. Well, he’s got to do something to win the douche-bag vote back from Santorum.

  6. Call Bush a war criminal all you want, hippies, at least he never subjected the entire world to more Entourage.

  7. they better get on this before the 2013 inauguration day, when President Santorum signs an executive order banning HBO under his sweeping ANTI-PORNOGRAPHY FAMILY VALUES ACT.

  8. #BRObama2012

  9. There is a particular gif that I haven’t seen used in some time, and I feel that it is THE MOST appropriate for this news:

  10. If we didn’t complain about Hillary playing the vajazzler in SATC2, we really can’t pretend to be upset about this.

  11. That photo of Obama and the guy from Entourage made me immediately think they were going to do this:

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