It’s not often in life that you get to witness someone discovering their ability to combine two of their passions into one PERFECT passion. The chicken fiddler is an obvious example. Another example would be whenever George Clooney pulls a prank (first passion being prank pulling, second passion being Being George Clooney). But this morning I’d like to offer a third example from Adam Winrich, who, as he explains in the YouTube description of this video, has been playing harmonic almost as long as he’s been cracking whips, and thought he’d “finally start working on combing the two.” To which I’d reply: WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG, ADAM WINRICH?! Here you are, playing harmonica and cracking whips separately for Heaven knows how long, keeping all of us from the little slice of joy we’re about to witness, like a JERK. You’re lucky you finally got your act together, Adam Winrich. And so are we.

Thank you, Adam. And for the rest of you, please learn from Adam’s example and begin to combine all of your passions. Obviously the results are going to be very good. (Via Presurfer.)

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  1. Sorry Kelly, but THIS is the internet.

  2. I’ve been combining my two favorite passions for a long time: eating sandwhiches and watching Price Is Right. I guess I need to follow through and post a video.

  3. This is the best J-Date profile video I’ve ever seen.

  4. Also: at 0:26 does he start to play Funeral for a Friend?

  5. I whip my…. whip back and forth?

  6. I’m gonna start a blog called “This is Dumb because…” and it’ll just be posts about stuff and I’ll write why it’s dumb. Revolutionary, I know. But the point of this post is that THIS VIDEO WILL NEVER BE ON MY ‘DUMB’ BLOG BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!!!

  7. I can’t tell if we’re being sarcastic about this video, but I think it’s legitimately AWESOME and I would like to see more from this man, please! How about a series of 5 minutes bits to play between TV shows, or a movie about a small town Whipper Snapper trying to make it in the big city?


  9. “Yo, dawg. It was aight. Things got a little pitchy towards the middle but then you brought it home with that last note. I think you could be the next Videogum Idol. Dawg.” – Gabe

  10. “Use the wide angle lens; I’m going to be spreading my feet pretty far apart on this one”–Your boyfriend, Adam Winrich

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