It’s Friday! Let’s take off our workweek grumpy masks and HAVE SOME FUN!

Remember to live this weekend like these babies will live their entire baby lives — like a big dummy who doesn’t even know what stuff is ’cause they haven’t grown their brain yet, so everything is fun. Thank you, babies; you are an inspiration. (Via TheDailyWhat, TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. Sadly The Big Bang Theory is what Liam found to be so funny.

  2. I was so inspired by second baby that I tried to do the same thing, but I forgot that I’m not wearing an enormous diaper. Now I have a broken tailbone.
    Thanks a lot, baby.

  3. I think the second one is adorable, but stupid me had to read that NY Times article earlier this week about how every 6 minutes in America a child has a stairs-related accident. Ugh I hate to be a Debbie Downer.
    Here’s some interspecies cuteness to even it out

  4. I don’t like the first baby. I don’t know why, I just don’t trust him.

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