Barkeep, a round of fistbumps for all my bros! This looks great, huh? So fun. I can’t wait to see the one bored multi-millionaire momentarily alleviate the boredom of another bored millionaire on TV. “It was almost like something meaningful and emotionally affecting happened in our lives. Now let’s go spend $15,000 on a dinner we’re not even hungry for and fuck something.” This show is basically a documentary about how famous people are assholes, right? I mean, by all accounts this is going to be the most EXPLOSIVE season of PUNK’D yet, where people are supposed to honestly think they are responsible for the incredible destruction of private property and SETTING HUMAN BEINGS ON FIRE, but their reaction is just to jump around and giggle? Fuck. My favorite part of this trailer, though, is when Justin Bieber says that if Taylor Swift thinks that she blew something up and ruined a wedding she’ll freak out. Yeah. No, totally. That’s so Taylor. It’s crazy how worked up she gets about BLOWING STUFF UP AND RUINING WEDDINGS. The rest of us are just like, what? Was I not supposed to blow that thing up and ruin that wedding? Well you should have told me that ahead of time. I can’t be bothered to feel bad about what’s basically a breakdown in communication on your part. GROW UP, TAYLOR SWIFT.

My DVR is so wet right now. (Gross. Sorry. Gotcha!)

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  1. Congratulations, Gabe. You just because the reason for the teardrops on Taylor’s guitar.

  2. Bam Margera punking Tyler the Creator is a perfect portrait of American society

  3. I’d rather watch this show:

  4. MTV is still a thing? Feels like we’re the ones getting punk’d.

  5. So is this somehow payback for making you do the TMZ tour? Cause that was all Kelly. The rest of us don’t deserve this, bud.

  6. “Goddamn it guys! Again?!” — Lowercase e.

  7. “blowin’ stuff up and ruining weddings” he means she like called someone on their cell in the middle of a ceremony?

    oh, man, that is SO taylor

  8. I think the only episode of Punk’d I ever saw featured Justin Timberlake getting all of his stuff repossessed and his house seized by the IRS or something. He ended up in tears and Ashton ran up and laughed in his face. For a few reasons, I never felt a need to watch another episode.

  9. “you mean, I get to wear the headset? i’ll only do it if I can wear the headset” – c-list celebrities to their agents upon being offered to “host”

  10. Ugh, I can only handle so much terrible celebrity news, I need to take a break from this place. Take it easy, monsters.

  11. Wait, Bam is free?!?!?!??

  12. Make my punk the Punk’d.

  13. Can’t wait until The Biebs runs out and tells Doug Hutchison that he got PUNK’D, Courtney is actually 41.

  14. Is that only face Bam Margera makes?

  15. I hope Don Vito gets Punk’d

  16. When Taylor Swift told Justin Bieber he was “the worst,” I smiled.

  17. “I recognize some of these words” – me, after watching this trailer

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