Davis Guggenheim’s full 17-minute documentary about President Obama and The Voice Of Tom Hanks is now available on YouTube, if you’d like to see it. Does it make you want to vote for him more? Less? Less, but you’re still going to? Less, but you weren’t going to anyway? Plz vote in this imprtnt poll.

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  1. It makes me want to vote for him more because at first I read the title as Obama’s The Road and thought that things were shittons worse than I thought if we are in the road territory. Then I realized my mistake and was relieved. Yay for not being in The Road! 4 More Years!

  2. If we are posting inspirational videos of those who have taken the road less traveled, then this needs to be considered as well:

  3. Does this movie include President Obama quoting The Wire? How about Joe Biden misquoting The Wire?

  4. “I got you beat.” – Robert Frost.

  5. tl;dw – I loved the American flags in the first twenty seconds though. Very patriotic.

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